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No. 1 Yorkville Toronto VIP Condos by Bazis Inc and Plaza Corp > Located at Yonge St & Yorkville Ave in Downtown Toronto Real Estate Market > Landmark Toronto 1 Yorkville Tower!

No. 1 Yorkville Toronto Downtown condo tower rendering by Bazis and Plaza.

No. 1 Yorkville Toronto Condos!

Introducing the most highly anticipated and most awe-inspiring luxury condominium in Yorkville Toronto real estate market! Called No. 1 Yorkville Toronto, the project is now launching VIP presales information with an expected launch in late Fall 2013! Brought to you by Bazis Inc and Plaza Corp, No. 1 Yorkville Avenue Toronto landmark high-rise is just steps away from the Bloor-Yorkville neighbourhood that is filled with entertainment, recreation, dining and world class shopping. The VIP Toronto condominium residences at Yorkville & Yonge Street are also within close walking distance to 2 subway stations and the PATH network, making your trip to and from everything in the GTA very convenient. The striking architecture at No. 1 Yorkville Toronto condos is by R. Varacalli Architect and the initial rendering (posted above) was just released! The exterior façade is absolutely stunning and the new tower at Yonge Street and Yorkville Avenue will incorporate historic elements as well as modern details as you can see. As well, the high-rise at No. 1 Yorkville Avenue Toronto will be built above a fully restored Yorkville Village building, which dates back to the mid 1800’s. The architecture will stand out not only because of the historic yet modern architecture (truly unique) but because of its exclusive services and amenities in addition to exquisite interior detailing. It’s essentially a six star hotel in a six star location according to the President of Bazis, the developer for this project. The amenities at the new Toronto No. 1 Yorkville Condos will include a spa floor, fitness level and a rooftop entertainment level (so the amenity spaces are spread out over 3 floors!). The location is one of the most upscale Toronto Downtown neighbourhoods. For more information, please refer to their marketing site at to register your interest and for VIP previews. You can also go directly to the 1 Yorkville condo website at today.

The Toronto horizon is about to be home to the most awe-inspiring new milestone development. Bazis and Plaza unveiled breathtaking plans for 1 Yorkville VIP Condos, an elegant and exclusive Downtown Toronto condominium that is poised to become the paramount address in one of the most desired neighbourhoods. 1 Yorkville Toronto VIP condos will offer a luxurious living space for all residents in combination with an impeccable location and six star amenities. The Bazis offering will include 1, 2 and 3 bedroom residences that will be simply stunning.

Bazis No.1 Yorkville Toronto VIP condos for sale.

Toronto Yorkville Condo VIP Information

Looking for more information about the latest landmark tower in downtown Toronto’s Yorkville neighbourhood? We’ve just received some great VIP info about No. 1 Yorkville condos and you’re going to love it! The spectacular amenities on-site at this Yorkville Toronto landmark tower will be impressive. Spread over 3 floors of space, 1 Yorkville Toronto condos will offer an unquestionably generous array of amenity spaces that are catered to all lifestyles and interests. For the most spoiled residents who want relaxation and pampering, the Spa Level will be ideal for you. For health and fitness fanatics, the Fitness Level at No. 1 Yorkville Toronto VIP Condos will be a great place to spend some time. And, for everyone who enjoys views, entertaining, socializing or just simply relaxing, the Rooftop Entertainment Level will be as exciting as any in the downtown area. Unfortunately, more details are due out later this Fall, but that’s a great start!

As for the Downtown Toronto Yorkville location, well… simply there is no better neighbourhood than this! As one of the finest and most prestigious neighbourhoods, No.1 Yorkville VIP condos will be situated in a location that will exceed of all your expectations. It’s within walking distance to high-end boutiques like Holt Renfrew, Gucci, Hermes and more! Or, you can dine in one of many five star restaurants that dot Yonge and Yorkville. From the Four Seasons to the Hyatt Rooftop Lounge, there’s plenty of high-end places to be and be seen. As well 1 Yorkville VIP Condos are just steps away from the Yonge Subway Line in addition to the Bloor Subway Line in addition to the PATH Network. The other amazing feature of this landmark location is the widened 25 foot wide pedestrian green walkway that will connect Cumberland Avenue to Yorkville Avenue.

Setting the standard in lavish living in downtown Toronto real estate district, 1 Yorkville by Bazis and Plaza will stand out not only because of its unique historic meets modern architecture, but also because of the high-end amenities and luxurious interiors. The 1 to 3 bedroom condominium residences will be part of this landmark architectural tower designed by Rosario Varacalli and will demonstrate considerable creativity and uniqueness in how it is connected and interwoven within the historic Yorkville neighbourhood. The preservation work will be overseen by ERA Architects, as several of the Yorkville Village buildings will be restored as part of the master plan. Eventually, this part will become the prime retail space along Yorkville and Yonge Street. On top will be the outstanding No. 1 Yorkville VIP condo tower, with its organic and unique façade. Rosario Varacalli Architect describes this façade as ‘3D Wallpaper’ because of its dramatic shadows and colours when light is reflected from different angles through the day.

Yonge-Yorkville Toronto Downtown neighbourhood amenities and conveniences.

From the VIP Toronto No. 1 Yorkville Avenue Condo Web Site & Marketing

Firstly, this landmark Toronto VIP condo project is brought to you through the collaboration between Bazis and Plaza. And for newcomers to the GTA market place, it’s not the first time that these two award winning firms have partnered for an iconic project. Previous partnerships between Bazis and Plaza include Exhibit on Bloor, Emerald Park North York and many more that have pushed the limits on architectural excellence, superior interior detailing and spacious floor plans with views. So what does it mean to live in Yorkville Toronto? It is to be part of a rarefied community, where you can live and shop, dine and build a home – all in one of North America’s most celebrated enclaves. But our forthcoming project at No. 1 Yorkville Avenue Toronto Downtown condos is about changing perspectives in Yorkville and adding an important architectural imprint to the City, all while preserving a rich cultural tapestry. Foremost, this singular building will redefine luxury in one of North America’s most sought-after neigbourhoods. Coming Soon – Absolutely Stunning Condominium Residences at Yorkville & Yonge!

We build condominiums that exemplify luxury, creativity and community. According to our architect Rosario Varacalli, “1 Yorkville will stand out from other projects in Toronto because of three things: preservation, porosity and changing perspectives.”

Yorkville Toronto has a rich history and it’s important to us that we respect heritage. We are preserving and restoring a collection of very refined Yorkville Village buildings that date back to the 1860s.

We have always believed that buildings should be connected to the city and to the community, and this concept of porosity is reflected in many of our projects. 1 Yorkville Toronto condos will also be steps away from two subway lines and PATH. We are also introducing a revitalized and redesigned walkway/laneway that will connect pedestrians to Yorkville.

Changing perspectives: literally and figuratively. For 1 Yorkville Toronto VIP condos, Varacalli is introducing a groundbreaking, sculptural 3D wallpaper, which changes in light, shadow, colour, and perspective. Meanwhile, 1 Yorkville Avenue Toronto itself will change your perspective on what it means to live in this celebrated neighbourhood, and in Toronto at large.

The Toronto 1 Yorkville condos are within walking distance to 2 subway stations and the PATH Network.


Yorkville多伦多房地产市场中最受瞩目和最令人肃然起敬的豪华公寓简介! Yorkville多伦多1号,该项目现正推出VIP预售信息与预期推出2013深秋!公司Bazis公司和集团公司,广场为您带来的约克维尔大道1号多伦多地标高楼仅几步之遥布卢尔 – 约克维尔附近是充满了娱乐,休闲,餐饮,世界一流的购物场所。 VIP多伦多共管在约克维尔及央街(Yonge Street)的住宅也都在2个地铁站的步行距离和路径网络,让您的旅行非常方便在大多伦多地区的一切。引人注目的建筑是由1号Yorkville多伦多公寓R. Varacalli建筑师初始渲染(上面贴)刚刚发布!外墙绝对是惊人的,在央街和约克维尔大道新塔将纳入历史元素以及现代的细节,你可以看到。同时,高层1号约克维尔大道多伦多将建成一个完全恢复的约克维尔村建设,其历史可以追溯到1800年代中期以上。该架构将脱颖而出不仅是因为历史悠久而又现代化的架构(独一无二) ,但由于其独特的服务和设施,除了精致的内饰细节。它本质上是一个六星级酒店在六星级的位置,根据公司Bazis ,这个项目的开发商向总统。在新的多伦多1号约克维尔公寓的设施,包括水疗楼,健身水平和一个屋顶娱乐级(这样的设施空间分布在3个楼层! ) 。地点是多伦多市中心最高档的街区之一。如需更多信息,请参见自己的营销网站登记您的兴趣和VIP预览。您也可以直接去约克维尔公寓网站在www.1yorkville.ca今天。

多伦多地平线是家里最威风的新的里程碑式的发展。公司Bazis广场亮相壮丽计划1约克维尔VIP公寓房,优雅和专有的多伦多市中心的公寓大楼,在最想要的街区之一,有望成为最重要的地址。 1 Yorkville多伦多VIP公寓将提供一个豪华的生活空间结合无可挑剔的位置和六星级设施所有居民。公司Bazis产品将包括1,2和3间卧室的住宅,这将是简直是惊人的。

我们建立体现奢华,创造力和社区的公寓。 1据建筑师罗萨里奥Varacalli , “约克维尔将脱颖而出从其他项目在多伦多,因为三件事情:保存,孔隙率和变化的观点。”


我们始终认为,建筑物应连接到城市和社区,体现在我们的许多项目和孔隙度这个概念。 1 Yorkville多伦多公寓也将是几步之遥,从地铁2号线和路径。我们还推出了振兴和重新设计的走道/的巷道将连接行人到Yorkville 。

改变视角:名副其实。 1 Yorkville多伦多VIP公寓, Varacalli推出了一个突破性的,雕塑的3D壁纸,光,阴影,颜色和角度的变化。同时, 1约克维尔大道多伦多本身会改变你的观点意味着什么生活在这个著名的街区,并在多伦多。


尋找更多有關最新地標塔在市中心多倫多的約克維爾附近的嗎?我們剛剛收到了一些偉大的1號左右約克維爾公寓VIP信息,你一定會喜歡它! Yorkville多倫多地標塔在這個現場壯觀的設施將是令人印象深刻。 1約克維爾多倫多公寓分佈在3個樓層的空間,將提供一個休憩空間,迎合所有的生活方式和利益無疑是大方的數組。對於最被寵壞的居民誰想要放鬆和呵護,溫泉水平將是您的理想選擇。有關健康和健身的狂熱分子, 1號Yorkville多倫多貴賓公寓的健身水平將是一個偉大的地方,花一些時間。而且,大家誰享有,娛樂,社交或只是簡單地放鬆,屋頂的娛樂水平將是令人興奮,因為在鬧市區。不幸的是,更多的細節將於今年秋季晚些時候,但是這是一個偉大的開始!

多倫多市中心Yorkville的位置,以及簡單的有沒有比這更好的鄰里!作為最好的和最負盛名的街區之一,約克維爾貴賓1號公寓將位於一個位置,將超過您的期望。這是Holt Renfrew的,古奇,愛馬仕,更高端的精品店,如步行距離之內!或者,你可以在許多五星級餐廳用餐,點央和約克維爾。從四季凱悅屋頂休息室,有很多高端的地方可以看出。 1約克維爾貴賓公寓除了Bloor地鐵線除了路徑網絡從央街地鐵線僅幾步之遙。這一具有里程碑意義的位置的其他驚人的功能是加寬25英尺寬的行人綠燈走道連接坎伯蘭大道約克維爾大道。

在多倫多市中心的房地產區, 1約克維爾公司Bazis廣場和奢華的生活設定的標準將脫穎而出不僅是因為其獨特的歷史,符合現代建築,但也因為高端的設施和豪華的內飾。 1至3間臥室的公寓住宅將成為這一具有里程碑意義的建築塔由羅薩里奧Varacalli的設計,並會表現出相當的創造力和獨特性,它是如何連接和交織在歷史悠久的約克維爾區的一部分。保護工作予以監督由ERA建築師,幾個約克維爾村建築總體規劃的一部分,將恢復。最終,這部分將成為優質零售空間約克維爾和Yonge街沿線。頂部將是優秀的1號約克維爾貴賓公寓塔,其有機和獨特的外觀。羅薩里奧Varacalli建築師壁紙為’3 D ‘,因為其戲劇性的陰影和顏色的光被反射時,每天從不同的角度,通過描述了這個門面。


首先,這一里程碑多倫多貴賓公寓項目給您帶來通過公司Bazis和廣場之間的合作。而對於初來乍到的GTA市場,這是不是第一次,這兩個獲獎企業的一個標誌性項目的合作。上一頁公司Bazis和廣場之間的夥伴關係,包括圖表,翡翠公園北約克布魯爾多了推動限制對建築精益求精,卓越的內飾細節和寬敞的平面圖與意見。所以,這是什麼意思住在多倫多約克維爾?它是稀薄的社會的一部分,在那裡你可以生活和購物,用餐和建立一個家 – 所有在北美最著名的聚居地之一。但我們即將1號約克維爾大道多倫多市中心的公寓項目是在Yorkville改變視角,並增添了重要的建築印記的城市,同時保留了豐富的文化織錦。最重要的是,這個奇異的建築將重新定義豪華北美的最搶手的neigbourhoods的之一。預告 – 約克維爾央公寓住宅區絕對驚人!

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