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LAUNCH! New Toronto TWENTY Gladstone Lofts by Streetcar Developments in Queen West Toronto Real Estate District > 2 Model Suites Previewing Soon

Streetcar Toronto TWENTY Gladstone Lofts for sale

Twenty Gladstone Lofts by Streetcar Developments

VIP Prices as low as $460 per square feet! Introducing TWENTY Gladstone by Streetcar Developments, a striking new boutique mid-rise residential tower that is designed and created in conjunction with Dundee Realty. Offering 112 stylish Queen West Toronto lofts for sale, the new TWENTY Gladstone Toronto project will be an exclusive 7 storey building at Queen & Gladstone in the heart of this exciting neighbourhood. This is Streetcar Development’s final chapter for the most sought after Queen West Toronto real estate district, following previous successful launches by this same boutique developer. The Queen West Toronto TWENTY Gladstone lofts for sale will connect several of the Streetcar’s previous projects with the addition of boutique retail stores, cafes, services and some shared on-site amenities. The pedestrian friendly, family friendly and bike friendly streetscapes will be professionally landscaped, providing a truly urban yet established look and feel. Streetcar Developments describes ‘walking the row’ as something residents at the presale Toronto TWENTY Gladstone loft owners can do. This includes browsing the many ground level boutique stores, studios, art galleries and a new Metro grocery store conveniently situated just outside your door. As well, community amenities include a stunning outdoor lounge space, a high-end state of the art, brand new fitness gym as well as a contemporary party lounge indoors. The TWENTY Toronto Gladstone lofts by Streetcar will also feature on-site guest suites for out of town guests and a new urban park. More information is located online at, so please register your presales interest today for the upcoming VIP launch!

Amazing model suite kitchen at the Queen West Toronto TWENTY Gladstone Streetcar loft development

More Information about the Presale Toronto TWENTY Gladstone Lofts

Only 112 loft style residences are available at Streetcar’s new 20 Gladstone Toronto development. These boutique homes will offer an outstanding location in the Queen West Toronto real estate district as well as fine finishes inside. The TWENTY Gladstone floor plans will range in size between approximately four hundred and seventy eight square feet to just over nine hundred and ten square feet, making them very spacious for single professionals, couples and small families. In addition, this is a great investment opportunity as TWENTY Gladstone Toronto lofts signify the final addition by Streetcar to the Queen West revamped neighbourhood that is full of boutique retail stores, cafes, restaurants, entertainment and services. As well, the homes are very close to local transit routes and the 7 level mid-rise building will feature some impressive on-site amenities as well. The developer, Streetcar Developments, is an established boutique builder of multi-family homes in the GTA area and the sales company is Baker Real Estate. Once launched, prospective loft buyers can visit the 2 model suites to view what the offering looks and feels like. The TWENTY Gladstone model suites are actually presented at another Streetcar Queen West building at 8 Gladstone, which is a great representative of what is to come at this newest building release. The ultra vibrant hues, modern finishes, bold designs and functional layouts are all things that stand out at these model suites. The bright floor to ceiling windows allow for plenty of natural light into your living space and kitchen. In addition, the bedrooms are ultra spacious with lots of closet storage. The contemporary kitchens will have spacious islands in select suites, beautiful stone counters and ultra modern cabinetry. As well, the kitchens also feature a high-end appliance set, stainless steel under mount sink and pull out spray for the kitchen faucet. In addition, most of the presale Toronto TWENTY Gladstone floor plans will also come with spacious outdoor living spaces (balconies or terraces).

20 Gladstone Avenue Toronto lofts for sale

Details about 20 Gladstone Avenue Toronto Lofts

Located at 20 Gladstone, Twenty Lofts will be a new seven story building, offering 128 stylish lofts at Queen and Gladstone, situated in the heart of the flourishing Queen West scene. Often described as Toronto’s New SoHo, Twenty Gladstone Toronto Lofts will be nestled among indie-stores, laid back cafes, trendy boutiques, hot bars, The Drake Hotel, and the rad galleries of Queen West at Gladstone. This is downtown urban living at its trendy best! Residents will enjoy the Metro Grocery Store located on-site, plus will have easy access to great amenities including impressive outdoor lounge, state of the art fitness centre, modern party lounge, guest suites, and a fantastic new urban park. All this, and with pricing that is in the mid $400’s to the mid $500’s per sq. ft. For this area, this is incredible value! In addition, there will be a 2 storey fitness studio and a new urban park, ground level boutiques and a new Metro store. Queen West district is at your fingertips, as are all other points of interest in the GTA via transit systems and major thoroughfares. BuzzBuzzHome also features a summary of this beautiful new Queen West Toronto development online at Please also visit their marketing web site at today to register.


只有112阁楼风格的住宅是在有轨电车的新的20格莱斯顿多伦多发展。这些精品屋将提供多伦多皇后西街地产区的绝佳位置,以及精致的内部完成。二十的格莱斯顿平面图的尺寸范围,刚刚超过910平方英尺,使他们非常宽敞的单身专业人士,情侣和小的家庭在约478平方英尺之间。此外,这是一个巨大的投资机会,为二十格莱斯顿多伦多阁楼意味着电车最终加入到皇后西街改造居民区,零售精品店,咖啡馆,餐厅,娱乐和服务。同时,家庭都非常接近当地的中转航线和7级中高层建筑将采用一些令人印象深刻的现场设施,以及。开发商,电车的发展,是一个既定的精品建设者在GTA地区的多户住宅和销售公司是贝克房地产。一旦推出,准的阁楼买家可以参观2型套房查看发售的外观和感觉就像。二十格拉德斯通模型套房实际上是在另一电车皇后西街建设8的格莱斯顿,这是一大代表在此发布最新的建筑是什么来。万物的超鲜艳的色调,现代饰面,大胆的设计和功能布局脱颖而出这些模型套件。明亮的落地窗让充足的自然光线进入你的生活空间和厨房。此外,超宽敞,有很多的壁橱存储卧室。现代化的厨房,将有选择套房,美丽的石柜台和超现代的橱柜宽敞的岛屿。同时,厨房还配备了高端家电集下安装,不锈钢水槽和厨房龙头拔出喷雾。此外,大多数多伦多第二十预售的格莱斯顿楼计划也将与宽敞的户外生活空间(阳台或露台) 。


位于20格拉德斯通,二十鸽舍将是一个新的七层大楼,提供128间时尚的皇后和格莱斯顿鸽舍,坐落在繁华的皇后西街现场的心脏。多伦多的新SOHO经常被描述为,将20个格莱斯顿多伦多阁楼坐落在独立店,奠定回到咖啡馆,时尚精品店,热棒,德雷克酒店,皇后西街的RAD画廊在格拉德斯通。这是繁华的城市生活,在其时尚的最好的!居民将享受地铁杂货店,位于现场,加上一流的设施,包括令人印象深刻的户外休息区,国家最先进的健身中心,现代政党休息室,套房,和一个梦幻般的新的城市公园将很容易获得。所有这一切,其定价是在中期$ 400中期到500美元每平方英尺,对于这方面,这是令人难以置信的价值!此外,将有2层的健身室和一个新的城市公园,地面水平的精品店和新的地铁店。西皇后区是在你的指尖,都是其他GTA通过运输系统及主要交通要道的兴趣点。 BuzzBuzzHome还设有总结了这个美丽的新皇后西街多伦多开发在线 。也请访问他们的营销网站在www.20gladstone.com今天注册。


VIP低至$ 460每平方尺的價格!介紹20格萊斯頓電車的發展,一個引人注目的新精品中層住宅大樓在與鄧迪房地產一起,設計和創造。新的第二十的格萊斯頓多倫多項目將提供112間多倫多皇后西街閣樓出售,獨家7層高的大樓皇后和格萊斯頓在這個令人興奮的鄰里的心臟。這是電車發展最受追捧多倫多皇后西街房地產區後,以前的成功發射這個相同精品開發商的最後一章。多倫多皇后西街二十格萊斯頓閣樓出售電車以前的項目將連接幾個與另外精品零售商店,咖啡館,服務和一些共享現場設施。行人友好,家庭友好和自行車的友好街景將專業美化,提供了一個真正的城市尚未建立的外觀和感覺。電車發展介紹“走行’的東西居民在預售多倫多二十格萊斯頓閣樓業主可以做。這包括瀏覽許多地面水平的精品店,工作室,藝術畫廊和一個新的地鐵雜貨店,便利的地理位置,你的門外面。同時,社區設施包括一個驚人的室外休息空間,一個高端的狀態最先進的,全新的健身房以及當代人的休息室內。二十多倫多格萊斯頓閣樓電車將出鎮的客人,一個新的城市公園,還設有現場套房。更多信息位於在線 ,所以請註冊您的售前利率今天為即將到來的貴賓推出!

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