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Discover Toronto SQ at Alexandra Park Condos Today! Tridel SQ Toronto Presale Condos Previewing This Fall! Teeple Architects Modern Architecture & Spacious Homes Within Walking Distance to U of T!

Tridel SQ at Alexandra Park Toronto condos

Toronto SQ at Alexandra Park

Located in the heart of Alexandra Park, a new master planned community by Tridel is taking shape. Discover the presale Toronto SQ at Alexandra Park condo tower. This is where people want to live and experience the epicentre of downtown Toronto at central Spadina and Queen. Of course, Alexandra Park SQ Condos stands for Spadina (“S”) and Queen (“Q) where you will find the best of everything at your fingertips. The new SQ at Alexandra Park Toronto condos by Tridel developers are ideally located within walking distance of U of T, OCAD University and Ryerson University, making it a great place for families, young professionals and couples. In addition, the Spadina and Queen district is also steps from the world class financial and business core of downtown Toronto, the Bay Street corridor and some major hospitals and schools. New technology firms and startups are also nearby as are many cultural and arts attractions, the Entertainment District and sports venues. Queen West shopping, restaurants and services are also nearby the new Toronto SQ Condos at Alexandra Park by Tridel.

Rendering of the presale Toronto SQ Condos at Alexandra Park

The new SQ Toronto Condos at the Alexandra Park community master plan is the first stage in this revitalized district. The transformation will be spectacular with new and renewed vibrant streetscapes, urban green spaces, modern design and modern architecture. Tridel is one of the GTA’s top builders and will bring a fresh light to the prime downtown Toronto Alexandra Park real estate district with the introduction of the new Toronto SQ Condo homes. According to the Tridel web site: SQ Toronto condos is one of the most imaginative and desirable condo ownership opportunities in all of Toronto today! For more information, please visit Tridel’s web site at

The pre-construction SQ Toronto Condos are situated in the Fashion House/Chinatown district of downtown

the pre-sale Toronto SQ Condos are literally steps away from U of T, transit and much more

From the SQ Toronto Condo Email Desk:

Introducing SQ at Alexandra Park. Coming Soon to Downtown Toronto. Previews for the new and most exciting Tridel community is coming soon before the general public launch! SQ Toronto Condos is the 1st stage in an incredibly masterplanned revitalization of Alexandra Park Toronto Downtown district that will see it transformed into an exceptional, vibrant and renewed community that will be family, pedestrian and bike friendly. With modern designs, inspired architecture, parks and a great location close to all urban amenities and services, the SQ Toronto Condos at Alexandra Park also have a step above other projects in that it is literally within walking distance to U of T, Ryerson and the OCAD. Queen West urban conveniences are nearby as is the Financial and Business District. The Entertainment District and ACC are also nearby. This is the place to invest if you are looking for a ground level opportunity in one of the last premiere downtown Toronto real estate locations. Pricing and floor plans are coming soon. Previews are starting fall 2013.

Phase 1 of the Alexandra Park revitalization project in Toronto

Toronto SQ Spadina Queen Condo Project

SQ Spadina Queen Condos – Tridel is coming to Alexandra Park with its newest condominium community in Toronto. The Toronto SQ Spadina Queen Condos at Alexandra Park is a new condo project by Tridel. The project is estimated to be completed in 2016 and will feature 231 units at 14 storeys. SQ is located at the master planned revitalization project of Alexandra Park at Spadina Avenue and Queen Street West in Toronto. It’s located in the Fashion District/Chinatown area of downtown TO and is considered a boutique mid-rise building of 14 storeys. The huge revitalization of the Atkinson/Alexandra Park district will see the demolition and replacement of the existing three hundred and thirty three townhouses and apartment suites with a new and exciting mixed income, mixed use neighbourhood within walking distance to Downtown Toronto. In addition, close to 500 current apartments in the Atkinson/Alexandra Park Toronto district will be completely renovated and refurbished and the addition of more than 1500 new condos and townhouses will be added through the next 5 years. One of the first projects to be initiated is Tridel’s SQ Toronto Spadina Queen condo tower which will feature significantly different and modern style and architecture not seen in this developing area. Part of the challenge for this revitalization project is that no residents will be displaced! The ‘Zero Displacement” requirement was one of the guiding principles during the agreement by the city and builders in order to proceed. In addition to the residential component, the Atkinson/Alexandra Park Toronto district will also see the addition of a new larger community centre and additional green spaces and parks to make it more urban, liveable and healthy.

Rooftop amenities at SQ Condos in Toronto preconstruction real estate market

What’s great about the Spadina Queen SQ Toronto condos is that owners will be surrounded by some of the most vibrant and exciting neighbourhoods in the city. These includes the Kensington Market, Fashion House District, Queen Street West, Trinity Bellwoods, Art Gallery of Ontario, Grange Park and Chinatown of course. Queen and Spadina is where Tridel will be building the presale Toronto SQ at Alexandra Park condos, the first of many new market condominiums to come for this huge site. The architecture of SQ Toronto condos is Teeple Architects. Within walking distance or a short streetcar away includes lots of educational facilities and universities in addition to Queen West and the Entertainment District. Stay tuned for more information.

Another vantage point at the Teeple Architects designed SQ Alexandra Park mid-rise boutique building


SQ士巴丹拿號公寓 – Tridel的亞歷山德拉公園,其最新的公寓在多倫多社區。多倫多SQ士巴丹拿公寓在皇后亞歷山德拉公園是Tridel的新的公寓項目。該項目預計於2016年完成,將有231個單位,樓高14層。 SQ位於主亞歷山德拉公園振興項目計劃在士巴丹拿大道和在多倫多皇后西街。它位於時尚鬧區/唐人街區,被認為是精品中高層建築的14層。阿特金森/亞歷山德拉公園區的龐大的振興會看到一個新的和令人興奮的混合收入,混合使用社區內的步行距離多倫多市中心拆除和更換現有三個一百三十三的聯排別墅和公寓套房。此外,接近500目前阿特金森/亞歷山德拉公園多倫多地區的公寓將被完全重新裝修和翻新,通過未來5年增加了超過1500個新的公寓和聯排別墅將被添加。要啟動的首批項目之一,是Tridel的SQ多倫多士巴丹拿女王公寓塔將有顯著的不同,現代的建築風格以及沒有看到在這個發展領域。這個振興計劃所面臨的挑戰是,部分,沒有居民將流離失所!協議期間由市政府和建設者,以繼續“零排量”的要求為指導原則之一。除了住宅部分,阿特金森/亞歷山德拉公園多倫多地區也將看到另外一個新的更大的社區中心和額外的綠地和公園,讓更多的城市,宜居和健康。

士巴丹拿女王SQ多倫多公寓有什麼了不起的是,業主將被包圍在城市的一些最有活力和令人興奮的街區。這些包括肯辛頓市場,時裝屋區,皇后西街,三位一體Bellwoods ,安大略美術館,格蘭奇公園和唐人街當然。女王和士巴丹拿Tridel的亞歷山德拉公園公寓,許多新的市場公寓來為這個龐大的網站建設預售多倫多SQ 。 SQ多倫多公寓的架構是Teeple建築師。步行距離很短的電車路程範圍內包括大量的除了皇后西街和娛樂區的教育設施和大學。更多信息敬請關注。

Final rendering at the VIP SQ Toronto Condominiums


坐落在Tridel的亚历山德拉公园,新的总体规划社区的心脏正在形成。亚历山德拉公园公寓塔探索预售多伦多的SQ 。这是人们想要的生活和体验士巴丹拿中部和王后在多伦多市中心的震中。当然,亚历山德拉公园SQ公寓矗立士巴丹拿(“S” )和皇后( Q) ,在这里你会发现最好的东西在你的指尖。新的SQ ,亚历山德拉公园多伦多公寓Tridel的开发地理位置优越,步行距离内的U T,中央数据库大学及Ryerson大学的,一个伟大的地方的家庭,年轻的专业人士和夫妇。此外,士巴丹拿和皇后区也从世界级的多伦多市中心,湾街走廊和一些主要的医院和学校的财务及业务核心的步骤。很多文化艺术景点,娱乐区,体育场馆,新的科技公司和初创公司也在附近。皇后西街购物,餐饮和服务也在附近的新公寓在多伦多SQ Tridel的亚历山德拉公园。

新的SQ多伦多公寓在亚历山德拉公园社区的总体规划是第一阶段,在这个朝气蓬勃的地区。这个转变会是壮观的,新的和重新充满活力的街景,城市绿地,现代设计和现代建筑。 Tridel的是GTA的顶级制造商之一,并会带来清新淡雅的首要多伦多市中心亚历山德拉公园地产区引进新的多伦多SQ公寓家庭。据Tridel的网站: SQ多伦多公寓是一个最富有想象力和理想的公寓居所的机会,今天在多伦多!欲了解更多信息,请访问Tridel的网站www.tridel.com的。


介绍倚在亚历山德拉公园。即将在多伦多市中心。最令人兴奋的新Tridel的社区预览即将到来之前,广大市民推出! SQ多伦多公寓是一个令人难以置信的亚历山德拉公园多伦多市中心区,将看到它转化成一个特殊的,充满活力和新的社区,这将是家庭,行人和自行车友好振兴总体规划的第一阶段。随着现代设计风格的建筑,公园和一个伟大的位置,靠近所有城市的设施和服务, SQ多伦多公寓在亚历山德拉公园也有上面的步骤,它是其他项目字面上步行距离内到U T, Ryerson及OCAD 。皇后西街附近城市的便利的金融和商务区。娱乐区和ACC也在附近。这是投资的地方,如果您正在寻找地面水平的机会,最后首映多伦多市中心房地产的地点之一。定价和平面图即将到来。预览2013年秋季开始。

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