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Spectacular New HARMONY VILLAGE SHEPPARD Toronto Baby Boomer Condos! Amazing Selection at the New Toronto Active Living Community at Harmony Village Seniors Condominiums & Townhomes by City Core

Rendering of the new Seniors Toronto Harmony Village Sheppard Condos and Townhouse project.

Toronto Harmony Village Sheppard Condos & Townhouses

Are you looking for a brand new master planned community that is truly tailored to your life? A new community that is both peaceful as it is exciting? Designed and envisioned by CEO Jack Pong, Harmony Village Sheppard in Toronto features a very unique and ground breaking residential community catered to today’s Baby Boomers and senior generations. This active lifestyle community features not only residential homes, but also an urban village designed to keep you healthy, happy, social and active. This versatile neighbourhood at Toronto Harmony Village Sheppard Condos & Townhouses features many spectacular on site amenities as well as conveniences, so that you don’t have to walk very far to get to everything you need to see and do. The community at Harmony Village Toronto condos is truly designed for your comfort, convenience and culture. The art of sustainable living is perfected at this master planned Toronto real estate development that is brought to you by City Core Developments. In addition, the striking landmark architecture and design is by renowned award winning firm Page + Steele Architects. The active lifestyle Toronto Harmony Village Sheppard condo and townhouse community will feature almost 850 homes for sale in a mid-rise residential building along with 2 residential high-rise towers. There will also be a fine selection of boutique Harmony Village Sheppard Toronto townhouses for sale. But what’s so exciting about the presale Toronto Harmony Village active lifestyle community is the grand selection of amenity spaces catered to aging Baby Boomers that includes a 7,000 square foot restaurant, cappuccino bar, on-site chef, fitness amenities, community centre, yoga studio, swimming pool, Tai Chi classes and spectacular outdoor spaces. In addition, the building is designed to keep you healthy with sustainable living spaces, features, materials and design. The presales Harmony Village Toronto active lifestyle community also offers LEED Gold standards. The partnership with St. Paul’s L’Amoreaux at Harmony Village Toronto active lifestyle community will provide onsite support and aid for seniors living here in addition to wellness programs too! There’s also a 24 hour emergency response service, underground parking garage and street access to both the TTC Subway and the new LRT Station. Click here for more information.

The Harmony Village Toronto active living community has started previews and presales. Situated at Sheppard and Warden, the Harmony Village Sheppard Toronto condos and townhomes will feature urban living spaces from 588 to over 1,800 square feet with both single level condominium residences as well as multi-level townhouses for sale. The prices during presales starts from an incredibly outstanding mid $200,000’s for a limited time offer.

North Toronto real estate district map for the new Harmony Village Sheppard by City Core Developments project.

Beautiful terrace at the new Harmony Village Toronto retirement community.

The Independent Living Toronto Harmony Village Sheppard Condo Features

The brand new Harmony Village Sheppard Toronto independent living community features high-end and spacious interiors for active lifestyle baby boomers and retirees. Here, you will find spectacular finishes by Universal Design Studio with premium laminate textured floors with premium underlay for sound buffering in addition to porcelain tiled floors in the bathrooms. There are premium sun shades, premium carpet in bedrooms with great underlay and individually controlled air conditioning/heating system. The Harmony Village Toronto independent living condos will also feature soaring overheight nine foot ceilings in addition to spacious balconies on select floor plans and sound attenuation in bathrooms and in between units. For your convenience, all homes also have enclosed laundry closets with full sized washer and dryer in white finish. The kitchens at the independent living Toronto Harmony Village Sheppard condos includes solid wood or premium laminate cabinetry, adjustable shelves, under cabinet lighting, double rows of uppers, under mount stainless steel sink (double bowl) and soft close door hinges. Other premium finishes include the stainless steel appliance set that includes a fridge with glass shelves, electric cook top and wall oven, built in microwave and ultra quiet, multi cycle dishwasher. The new Harmony Village Toronto independent living condos for sale will also feature premium bathroom finishes that include quartz or granite counters, solid wood or premium laminate cabinets, mirror and wall sconce above the vanity, porcelain tiled floors, non slip porcelain tiled showers with glass doors, large acrylic soaker tub with porcelain tiled surround and high-end accessories/hardware. Other bathroom features at the new Toronto independent living condos at Harmony Village Sheppard includes under mount sinks, light in the shower, shower benches available in select suites, and privacy locks. In addition, all Harmony Village floor plans allow for powder rooms!

Beautiful kitchens at the Harmony Village Toronto baby boomer condos.

Expansive floor plans are open concept and very bright.

The Harmony Village Toronto active lifestyle condos will also feature many Feng Shui features designed and approved by world renowned Master Paul Ng. This includes optimal orientation of the suites, names, numbers, interior colour schemes, beautiful water features in the lobby, extensive landscaping, and interior bio walls. In addition, the active lifestyle Toronto Harmony Village condo project will feature outstanding living green features and sustainable design. Many features are LEED Gold certified finishes too. One of our favourite green features is the geothermal energy augmented with hot water heating system for the building and all homes.

Toronto independent living condo community certainly has its perks.

Ultra high-end amenity spaces and services feature plenty of things for Toronto active living home owners.

The Active Living Harmony Village Toronto Seniors Condo Amenities

Firstly, the new City Core Developments project is catered to Baby Boomers, active living retirees and seniors. There is a close partnership between Harmony Village Sheppard and St. Paul’s L’Amoreaux Centre which will provide senior wellness programs on the 2nd floor of one of high-rise towers in this project. With over thirty years of experience, St. Paul’s L’Amoreaux Centre will provide tailored services, classes and much more for resident seniors at Harmony Village Sheppard Toronto condos. As well, residents will feel the grandeur of the entrance lobby as soon as they enter Harmony Village Sheppard seniors living. The ‘living wall’ flows pure air through the space by way of beautiful greenery so you can breathe better. Enjoy a celebratory drink in te licensed lounge just before dinner! The outdoor terrace is perfect for relaxing but it’s also the spot to entertain or host a barbecue using the communal grill. The seniors Toronto Harmony Village Sheppard condos will also feature a state of the art aquatic centre where you can relax, restore and revive. Also, active living residents can enjoy a variety of cuisine in the formal dining room or order room service for a casual night in. There will also be a professionally designed Zen Garden at Harmony Village Toronto seniors condos. Other amazing amenities include a classroom/lecture hall, arts and crafts room, music/dance studio, yoga/Tai Chi/Pilates studio, lounge, change rooms, fitness centre, hot tub, weight training room, library/resource room, wine bar with cooking classroom, wine cellar, ballroom theatre and karaoke room on the Amenity Floor. On the main floor of the new Toronto Harmony Village seniors condo project you’ll find a pharmacy, Café, living wall lounge, tea room, concierge desk, bar lounge, resident lounge, admin offices, outdoor patio dining and the formal dining room.

Harmony Village Toronto condos will offer a range of beautiful new high rise suites ranging from 588 to 1,800 square feet – including one and two bedroom models, with and without dens. Phase 1 at Toronto Harmony Village Sheppard includes fifty townhouses and two 9 storey manor buildings. Phase 2 at Harmony Village Toronto includes two 30 storey condo towers; West tower for independent living, East Tower for seniors residences. The facility includes a 30,000 square foot community space featuring movie theatre, swimming pool and bridge/mah jong tables. The site is adjacent future plans for new TTC subway or LRT lines.

Living green wall at Harmony Village.


首先,新的城市核心发展项目迎合婴儿潮,积极生活的退休人员和老年人。和谐村Sheppard和圣保罗附近物业L’Amoreaux中心,该中心将提供高级的健身节目之一,在这个项目中的高层塔楼的二楼之间有一个紧密的合作关系。拥有逾三十多年的经验,圣保罗附近物业L’Amoreaux中心将提供量身定制的服务,班级和更和谐村谢泼德多伦多公寓居民老年人。同时,居民会感到宏伟的入口大厅,尽快为他们进入和谐村谢泼德老年人生活。 “生活墙”纯净的空气流通过的空间,美丽的绿化方式,这样你就可以更好地呼吸。只是在晚餐前享受一个庆祝TE特许的休息室喝!室外露台是放松的理想场所,但它也当场受理或举办一个烧烤用的公用烧烤。前辈多伦多和谐村的谢泼德公寓还配备了最先进的水上运动中心,在那里你可以放松身心,恢复和重振状态。此外,积极的生活的居民可以享受各种美食,正式饭厅或客房服务。有一个休闲的夜晚也将是一个专业设计的禅宗花园和谐村多伦多老人公寓。其他惊人的设施包括一个教室/演讲大厅,艺术和手工艺室,音乐/舞蹈室,瑜伽/太极/普拉提工作室,休息室,更衣室,健身中心,热水浴池,重量训练室,图书馆/资源室,酒吧烹调教室,酒窖,宴会厅影院和卡拉OK室设施楼。多伦多新和谐村老年人公寓项目在主楼层,你会发现一家药店,咖啡厅,生活墙上休息室,茶水间,服务台,酒吧休息室,居民的休息室,管理办公室,户外庭院用餐,正式饭厅。

和谐村多伦多公寓将提供一系列美丽的新的高层套房,从588至1,800平方尺 – 包括一个和两个卧室的模型,与无窝点。多伦多和谐村谢泼德1期包括50套联排别墅和两个9层高的庄园建筑。在和谐村多伦多的第2阶段包括两个30层高的公寓大楼,西塔的独立生活,为老年人住宅的东塔。该设施包括30,000平方英尺的社区空间特色的电影院,游泳池和桥梁/麻将表。该网站是新的TTC地铁或轻轨线相邻的未来计划。

retirement resort amenities.


您是否在尋找一個全新的總體規劃的社區,真正做到量體裁衣為您的生活嗎?一個新的社會,既是和平的,因為它是令人興奮的呢? CEO傑克傍設計和設想,和諧村謝潑德在多倫多擁有一個非常獨特的和突破性的住宅社區照顧到今天的嬰兒潮和高級代。這種積極的生活方式的社區功能,不僅住宅的家園,但也是一個城市的設計,以保持你健康,快樂,社會和積極的村莊。這種多用途的多倫多和諧村謝潑德公寓及排屋附近設有許多壯觀的現場設施以及便利設施,讓您不必走很遠,來得到你需要的一切,看和做的。是真正的社會和諧村多倫多公寓專為您的舒適,方便和文化。完善可持續發展的生活藝術的在多倫多房地產開發,給您帶來的城市核心發展總體規劃。此外,引人注目的標誌性建築和設計,由著名獲獎堅定頁+斯蒂爾建築師的。積極的生活方式多倫多和諧村謝潑德公寓和聯排別墅社區,將有近850家銷售在中高層住宅樓,連同2個住宅高層塔樓。也將有精心挑選的精品和諧村的謝潑德多倫多排屋銷售。但是,什麼是如此令人興奮的關於預售多倫多和諧村積極生活方式的社區是的盛大選擇舒適的空間迎合嬰兒潮世代老化,包括一個7000平方英尺的餐廳,卡布奇諾咖啡吧,酒店的主廚,健身設施,社區中心,瑜伽館,游泳池,太極班,壯觀的室外空間。此外,建築設計為了您的健康與可持續發展的生活空間,功能,材料和設計。預售和諧村多倫多積極的生活方式,社會也提供了LEED金級標準。聖保羅附近物業L’Amoreaux和諧村多倫多積極的生活方式,社區的合作夥伴關係將提供現場的支持和幫助,為老年人生活在這裡的除了健康計劃!還有一個24小時應急響應服務,地下停車場和街頭訪問TTC地鐵和新的輕軌站。

和諧村多倫多積極的生活社區已經開始預覽和預售。坐落在Sheppard和監獄長,和諧村謝潑德多倫多公寓和排屋將展出從588至逾1,800平方尺,單級公寓住宅以及多層次的聯排別墅銷售的城市生活空間。在有限的時間提供一個令人難以置信的優秀MID $ 200,000的價格在預售開始。



和諧村多倫多積極的生活方式,公寓還設有許多風水設有設計和批准由世界著名大師保羅·吳。這包括套房,姓名,號碼,內飾的配色方案,美麗的水景大堂,廣泛的環境美化,室內生物牆的最佳方位。此外,積極的生活方式多倫多和諧村的公寓項目將具有出色的生活環保和可持續發展的設計。 LEED金牌認證完成過許多功能。我們最喜愛的綠色特點之一是增強地熱能系統的建設和所有的家庭用熱水加熱。

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