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From Mid $200’s > Spectacular On the GO Mimico Condo Tower by Stanton Residences | 242 Mimico Presale Condos in 26 Storey High-Rise with Views Directly Connected to Mimico GO Station

On The GO Mimico condo real estate development

ON THE GO Mimico Condos for Sale

On the GO Mimico Condos is a new property development brought to you by YYZed Project Management and Stanton Residences. Currently in preconstruction, these new Mimico presale condos will be situated centrally at Royal York Road and Newscastle Street Toronto Ontario. Prospective homebuyers and investors can look forward to this hot real estate market beside beautiful Coronation Park and the high-rise tower of 26 storeys will feature up to 242 suites for sale. The On The GO Mimico condo tower will also feature condominium residences priced affordably from the mid $200,000’s and the glass and steel high-rise is designed by award winning firm McCallum Sather Architects. The construction is expected to start this year with an eventual completion date in mid 2016. Presales Mimico On the GO condos will start in October 2013 and will feature 5% down payments for first time homebuyers as a purchase incentive. The On the GO Mimico floor plans will range in size between 489 square feet to over 1200 square feet plus spacious penthouses. Just steps away from the Mimico GO Station, the entire GTA is at your fingertips. With uncompromising design, functionality and superior amenities, the On The GO Mimico condo project gives homebuyers and investors great value for their money and will feature both convenience and accessibility in a range of appealing and functional layouts. Only 242 condominium homes will be offered at this project, so please register your interest online at today!

An introduction to the Toronto On the GO Mimico tower by Stanton Residences

Map of the Toronto Mimico real estate district

EXCLUSIVE MIMICO CONDO DEALS at On The Go by Stanton Residences

If you are in the market to purchase a brand new Mimico Toronto condo, On The Go should be your first choice! Here are some early purchase incentives during presales starting October: free assignments, 3 years free common expenses or 2 year leaseback program (which includes $1,500 for 1 bedroom suites, 1 bed plus den at $1,650 or 2 bedroom at $1,800) or extended deposit structure on select suites. All podium and tower On The GO Mimico condo units (05, 06 and 07) will have a deposit structure of $5,000 upon initial signing plus the balance to 5% within 30 days and then only 10% over 30 months (in equal monthly payments) and 5% at occupancy. The On the GO Mimico condo tower units 01 to 04, 08 to 10 will also have the $5,000 on initial signing plus balance to 5% in 30 days, 5% in 90 days, 5% within 300 days and 5% on occupancy. Parking is included for the majority of 2 bedroom suites and parking is available for selected one bedroom layouts at a purchase price of $35,000. Lockers at the presale Mimico On the GO condos is $4,500 and the purchase price includes HST and six appliances. Occupancy is expected for April 2016 and the maintenance fees will be roughly $0.45 per square foot per month.

Preconstruction Mimico condos at On The GO now released

Rendering of the On The GO condo interiors


The best in local services and amenities and a variety of transit options are all great features at the new Mimico On The GO condo tower. According to their marketing brochure: There are so many advantages to life in Mimico Toronto – the GO train of course – which will whisk you quickly downtown or to Hamilton. There are lakefront trails and parks, Humber Bay Shores, and a superior highway network to help you get away when you need to from your new and affordable Mimico On the GO condo home. Step out the street and there is life in the neighbourhood. Shops, services, bakeries, restaurants are all within walking distance from the presale On The GO Mimico condo tower. Inside, there will be a fine food store, espresso and coffee bar, gym, meeting rooms and guest suites. In addition, this beings a new era in city living in this amazing city. Residents can leave their home, and reach the GO train in a matter of minutes. Some days, an On the GO Mimico resident will be community to work. But other times, it will be for relaxation. Step off the train and there’s the Air Canada Centre and Rogers Centres, plus great concerts and the inspiring cultural offerings at The Four Seasons Centre, AGO and ROM, top ranked restaurants, boutique retail and much more. It’s as if you were living in the downtown core, but instead in Mimico where there is a better quality of life, more amenities, less traffic and a quiet pace, with peace of mind. On the GO Mimico condos is the only residential condominium in Toronto directly connected to the GO Transit System. Hop on the GO at Mimico Station for quick access to Toronto’s Union Station – less than 15 minutes from the City Centre.

Both GeoExchange and Cogneration technologies have been incorporated into the design and functionality of each home at the On The GO Mimico presale condos

The SMART and GREEN Features at On The GO Condos

This project is the first Toronto highrise condominium community that integrates geoexchange and cogeneration technologies! Nothing in Toronto will be quite like On The GO Mimico’s environmentally beneficial heating and cooling system. In one of the many innovations, On The GO Mimico condos will incorporate Toronto’s premier GeoExchange installation in its high-rise, designed to keep escalating energy costs in check. It demonstrates Stanton Renaissance’s dedication to Green and Clean technology. Some of these smart and green technologies include the advanced GeoExchange heating and cooling system, four pipe mechanical system providing any time individual temperate control, accessible green roof, high efficiency bathroom flushing fixtures, eco carwash, programmable thermostats, variable speed cooling fan for quiet and energy efficient air circulation as well as a natural gas generator. Other green and smart features at the Mimico On The GO condos includes in suite water efficient fixtures, centralized heating and cooling, energy efficient distribution transformers, lighting systems energy efficient in nature and by design, photo cell and timer controlled exterior lighting, absorbent landscaping material, variable booster pump system, landscaping that is low maintenance and comprehensive smart building management system.

On The GO Amenities

The Amenities

Be a part of life on the go in Mimico! Driving up to the residence you may find yourself thinking “I can see myself living here”. Entering the lobby you’ll know that this is your new home! Some of the great on site amenities at On The GO Mimico condos for sale include city view state of the art fitness centre with relaxing yoga studio, pilates studio equipped with yoga mats and stability balls, balcony area accessible from the gym, spacious and attractive party room, outdoor terrace complete with BBQs, seating and accessible green roof as well as a high end gourmet grocer with many prepared foods and espresso/coffee bar on the ground level. There will be a super on site as well as vehicle share system with an Eco car wash. The On the GO Mimico condos will also have a pet grooming area and a magnificently appointed guest suite.

Spacious and functional layouts

View Residence floorplans at On The GO Mimico Toronto


最好的本地服务和设施,以及各种过境选项都是伟大的功能,在新的Mimico在GO公寓塔。根据自己的营销手册:有这么多的优势,生活在多伦多Mimico – 当然 – 这将拂你快速市中心或汉密尔顿的GO火车。有湖畔步道和公园,亨伯湾畔,和优越的公路网络,以帮助你摆脱当你需要从您的新的和可负担得起的Mimico在GO公寓家。走出街道,并在附近是有生命的。商店,服务,面包店,餐馆都在步行距离的路要走Mimico公寓塔预售。在里面,会有精美的食物店,咖啡和咖啡吧,健身房,会议室和客人套房。此外,人类在这个迷人的城市的城市生活的新时代。居民离开自己的家,并在短短的几分钟内达到的GO火车。有些日子,在的GO Mimico居民将社区工作。但其他时间,这将是放松。走下火车,还有加拿大航空中心罗杰斯中心,再加上伟大的音乐会和鼓舞人心的文化产品在四季中心,前ROM ,排名靠前的餐厅,精品零售和更。这是因为如果你住在市中心的核心,而是在Mimico ,有一个更好的生活质量,更多的设施,车辆少和一个安静的步伐,用平和的心态。在的GO Mimico公寓是唯一的住宅公寓在多伦多直接连接到GO公交系统。合的GO在Mimico站多伦多的联合车站,以便快速访问 – 从城市中心不到15分钟。


该项目是第一个多伦多的高层公寓社区,集成了地源热泵和热电联产技术!将在多伦多很喜欢在好Mimico的有利于环境的加热和冷却系统。在许多创新,在“ GO Mimico公寓将纳入多伦多首屈一指的地源热泵安装在高层,旨在保持不断上升的能源成本在检查。它表明斯坦顿文艺复兴时期的奉献绿色和清洁技术。这些智能和绿色技术,包括先进的地源热泵供热和制冷系统,四管机械系统提供任何个人温带控制时间,访问的屋顶绿化,高效率浴室冲洗装置,环保洗车,可编程恒温器,变速冷却风扇安静能量高效的空气流通,以及作为一种天然的气体发生器。其他的绿色和智能特性的路要走公寓Mimico包括在浴室的水高效灯具,集中供热和制冷,高效节能配电变压器,照明系统,高效节能的性质和设计,光电池和定时器控制外部照明,吸收美化材料可变助力泵系统,园林绿化,低维护和全面的智能楼宇管理系统。


成为生活的一部分在Mimico去!驾驶的住处,你可能会发现自己在想“我可以看到自己住在这里” 。进入大厅,你会知道这是你的新家园!一些伟大的现场设施,在在旅途中Mimico的公寓出售放宽瑜伽室,普拉提练习室配有瑜伽垫和稳定性球,阳台面积可从健身房,宽敞的和有吸引力的党的最先进的健身中心包括城市景观状态室,室外露台烧烤,座位和访问的屋顶绿化以及高端美食很多预制食品杂货商和水平地面上的特浓/咖啡吧。有网站以及车辆共享系统将是一个超级环保洗车。在的GO Mimico公寓也将有一家宠物美容区和一个辉煌任命间套房。


在GO的Mimico的公寓房是一種新物業發展項目管理和斯坦頓YYZed公寓給你帶來。目前在施工前,將這些的新Mimico預售公寓位於中央皇家約克路和多倫多Newscastle街的。有意購房者和投資者可以期待這個房地產市場的火爆美麗的加冕公園旁邊,樓高26層的超高層塔樓將有242套房出售。該的路要走Mimico的公寓房塔也將採用從中期的$ 200,000的價格實惠和獲獎事務所麥卡勒姆薩瑟建築師設計的玻璃和鋼鐵高層公寓住宅。建設,預計今年開始,最終在2016年中旬竣工日期。售前Mimico在GO公寓將在2013年10月開始,將有5 %的首期付款的首次置業人士購買激勵。在的GO Mimico平面圖將超過1200萬平方英尺加上寬敞的閣樓間489平方尺的尺寸範圍。從好的Mimico站僅幾步之遙,整個GTA是在你的指尖。不妥協的設計,功能和優越的設施,在的GO Mimico公寓項目給購房者和投資者很大的價值為他們的錢,都將有在一定範圍內的吸引力和功能佈局的便利性和可訪問性。這個項目將提供只有242個公寓的家園,所以請在網上登記您的興趣,今天在 !

獨家MIMICO CONDO優惠,在旅途中由斯坦頓公寓

如果你是在市場上購買一個全新的Mimico多倫多公寓,圍棋應該是您的第一選擇!下面是一些早期的購買誘因預售期間10月開始:免費分配, 3年免費共同費用或2一年售後租回計劃(其中包括1臥室套房, 1睡房加書房$ 1,500 $ 1,650或2居室為1800美元)或擴展的存款結構上選擇套房。所有登上領獎台和塔上的GO Mimico的公寓單位( 05 , 06和07 )將有一個5,000元的存款結構初步簽署加平衡至5%後在30天內,那麼只有10 %,超過30個月(以每月等額支付)和5 %的入住率。在GO Mimico公寓塔單位01至04 , 08至10也將有5000美元的初始簽名加至5%的平衡在30天內,5% ,在90天內, 300天以內5%和5%的入住率。停車費已包含2間臥室的套房,為廣大的停車場35,000元的購買價為選定的一間臥室的佈局。儲物櫃預售Mimico的在GO公寓是$ 4,500購買價格包括HST和6個家電。預計2016年四月入住和維護費用將大致為每月每平方英尺0.45美元。

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