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Freehold Etobicoke Townhomes for Sale at DWELL City Towns in Etobicoke Toronto by Menkes > Priced Affordably from $299,900!

Urbana Collection at DWELL City Towns in Etobicoke real estate market

Pre-construction Etobicoke DWELL Metreo Collection Townhomes

Etobicoke Dwell City Homes by Menkes!

Located at 2 Holiday Drive Toronto, Dwell City Homes in Etobicoke real estate market features brand new townhouses at an affordable price! Starting from the low $300’s, homebuyers can now find affordability coupled with a great location and features right here at the Menkes Dwell City Homes in Etobicoke. These freehold townhouses is masterfully planned and designed and features an amazing location that is close to Sherway Gardens, Etobicoke Civic Centre, Centennial Park and local transit routes. Highway 427 and 401 as well as QEW is also within easy reach from your front door. The new presale Etobicoke Dwell City Homes by Menkes are also close to nature including large green spaces and urban parks for outdoor recreation. The Dwell City Towns in Etobicoke Toronto real estate market will also offer 2 distinctive freehold townhouse collections that are set on a pedestrian, family and bike friendly streetscape and will also have a central park for residents to enjoy year round. The bright and contemporary architecture is coupled with functional floor plans and efficient layouts that are finished with high-end and modern features and finishes that are all standard. The community is one of the fastest growing neighbourhoods in the GTA and will feature a presales opportunity in Fall 2013. Menkes Developers is one of the largest master builders in the GTA and have a long line of successful townhouse launches including the recent Bloom Park Towns and many others. Sherway Gardens Mall is a five minute drive away and the Centennial Park and Recreational Centre is within walking distance. Dwell City Towns in Etobicoke is a great option for couples and young families who seek true value. The total offering is around 200 stacked freehold Etobicoke townhouses for sale with occupancy in mid 2015 and priced from around the mid $330/square foot. The city homes are between 643 to 1303 square feet in size. The presale Etobicoke Dwell City Town Homes are expected to start from $299,900 with multiple floor plans to choose from. Find yourself home. Dwell Etobicoke is a masterfully planned townhome community by Menkes. More information about these freehold Etobicoke townhomes is online at

presale Etobicoke DWELL townhome site plan

DWELL City Towns by Streetcar Developments in Toronto Etobicoke real estate market

VIP Etobicoke Presale Opportunities at the Toronto Dwell City Homes

Some of the developer incentives as quoted by some brokers in Toronto real estate industry are spectacular! Of course, you will need to do your own due diligence to see where these special VIP Etobicoke presale incentives are, and which ones apply to your unit of choice, but there are certainly some great deals on these freehold Etobicoke townhouses at the Toronto Dwell City Homes for sale. Here are some VIP incentives in no particular order: discounted pricing which starts from under $300,000, first opportunity to purchase a new Dwell Etobicoke City Town Home before the general public, mortgage pre-approval referral for the best rates and packages and a free lawyer review of agreement which is very important in any pre-construction town home purchase. Other presale VIP Etobicoke purchase incentives and deals include free rental management during the first year of occupancy if this is an investment property for yourself (or if you are not ready to move-into the home straight away) as well as free right of assignment. There is also a cap on the development charges and levies at $5,000 so there are no closing surprises. The preconstruction Toronto Dwell Etobicoke City Town Homes will also feature a capped closing cost of only $1,000 for hook ups, metering etc (again to prevent any closing surprises). Granite kitchen countertops will be included as a special bonus in addition to two years of free maintenance. Of course, these VIP incentives depend on the unit, broker you use and the developer’s limited time offer, so please visit the sales centre or speak with an agent for more details.

Dwell Etobicoke Urbana Floor Plan

The Urbana Collection at Dwell City Towns

These are the Urbana Dwell floor plans (subject to change at any time by the developer)

– Casa > 2 Bedroom plus den at 790 square feet (one level)
– Indivia > 2 Bedroom and 1 bathroom at 643 square feet (one level)
– Muse > 2 Bed + 1.5 Bathrooms at 931 square feet plus 154sf roof deck (3 level)
– Linea > 2 Bed+1.5 Baths at 949 sqft plus 167sf roof deck (3 levels)

Metreo Dwell floorplan

The Etobicoke Dwell Metreo Collection Floor Plans

Here are the Metreo floor plans at Dwell City Towns in Etobicoke Toronto:

– Savvy > 2 Bed+Den and 2.5 Baths at approx. 1,071 sqft plus terrace (2 levels)
– Esprit > 2 Bedroom at 1287 square feet and 187sf rooftop deck (3 levels)

Some of the Menkes DWELL Etobicoke townhouses have rooftop decks

Initial Pre-Sale Price Points

The below will give you a better idea of the price ranges for the various freehold Etobicoke Dwell townhomes for sale. Please note, however, that these prices are subject to change at any time and only reflect presale purchases during the grand opening.

– 643 square foot 2 Bedroom town homes from $299,990
– 790 square foot 2 Bed+Den start from $309,990
– 931 square foot 2 Bedroom Dwell Etobicoke town homes with Roof Deck from $359,990
– 949 square foot 2 Bedroom Dwell Townhouses with Roof Deck start from $365,990
– 1,089 square foot 2 Bedroom and Den start from $369,990
– 1,303 square foot 2 Bed Etobicoke Dwell Town Homes with Roof Deck from $449,990

Beautiful living spaces in these Menkes DWELL City Town Homes


一些開發商在多倫多房地產行業的一些經紀人所報的優惠是壯觀!當然,你需要做你自己的盡職調查,以看到這些特殊的VIP怡陶碧谷預售激勵,哪些適用於你的首選單位,但也有一些偉大的交易肯定是住在多倫多市對這些永久業權怡陶碧谷排屋公寓出售。下面是一些在沒有特定的順序:折扣定價在30萬元以下開始,廣大市民前購買一個新的駐留怡陶碧谷市城首頁的第一個機會,抵押貸款預批准轉診的最佳利率和包和免費律師審查的VIP獎勵這是非常重要的,在任何施工前鎮購房協議。其他預售VIP怡陶碧谷的購房優惠政策和優惠,包括免費的房屋租賃管理的第一年期間佔用,如果這是一個投資物業,以自己(或,如果你不準備將進入最後直路),以及自由轉讓的權利。還有一個開發費用及徵費為5,000美元的上限,所以有沒有關閉的驚喜。施工前多倫多停留怡陶碧谷市舍鎮還設有鉤UPS封頂收成本只有1,000元,計量等(再次防止任何收盤驚喜) 。花崗岩廚房檯面,將會作為一個特殊的獎金除了兩年的免費維修。當然,這些VIP獎勵依賴於單位,代理與開發商的限時優惠,所以請參觀銷售中心,或說與代理的更多細節。

Beautiful kitchens


坐落在2 Drive多伦多假日,停留在Etobicoke房地产市场的城市公寓,设有全新的排屋,以实惠的价格!从低$ 300起,购房者现在可以找到加上优越的地理位置和功能的承受能力,就在这里的门克斯住在Etobicoke的城市公寓。这些永久业权排屋巧妙规划和设计,并设有一个惊人的位置是靠近Sherway花园,怡陶碧谷市政中心,世纪公园和当地的中转航线。 427号和401号公路以及QEW也近在咫尺,从你的门口。新的预售怡陶碧谷停留市院的门克斯也都接近自然户外休闲活动,包括大型绿地和城市公园。停留市城镇在Etobicoke多伦多房地产市场也将提供独特的永久业权的豪宅上设置的一行人,家庭和自行车友好的街景,也将有一个中央公园,为居民享受一年四季的集合。加上明亮和现代建筑功能平面图和高效的布局,完成了高端和现代功能和装饰都是标准。该社区是一个增长最快的邻里在GTA ,并在2013年秋季将有一个预售的机会。 Menkes的开发商是在大多伦多地区最大的建筑大师之一,成功的联排别墅推出包括最近布卢姆公园城和许多其他有很长的线。 Sherway花园购物中心是一个五​​分钟的车程, ,百年公园及康乐中心是在步行距离之内。停留在Etobicoke市城镇谁寻求真正的价值为情侣和年轻家庭是一个很好的选择。发行总额约200堆叠永久业权怡陶碧谷的联排别墅的销售在2015年中旬入住,售价从中期$ 330/square脚左右。城市家庭之间,面积643至1303平方尺。怡陶碧谷的预售驻留城市舍镇预计从299900美元,选择多个平面图。寻找自己的家。停留怡陶碧谷是一个巧妙的计划Menkes的楼房社区。欲了解更多有关这些永久业权怡陶碧谷排屋在线在 。

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