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From $226,900! New SMART HOUSE Toronto Queen West Condos by Urban Capital & Malibu > II by IV Interiors and architectsAlliance Architecture at Queen St W Toronto SmartHouse Condos

Smart House Toronto condos for sale

SMART HOUSE Toronto Queen West Condos

Located at 219 Queen Street West Toronto SMART HOUSE Condos is a boutique high-rise tower by Malibu Investments and Urban Capital Property Group. It is currently in preconstruction and previews are starting Fall 2013. The 25 storey high-rise landmark at Queen West Toronto SMART HOUSE Condos will feature a total of 241 units (approximately) with floor plans sizes starting from roughly 300 square feet all the way to the upper 700 square feet range. The interior design for these amazing Urban Capital SMART HOUSE apartments is by award winning firm II by IV Interior Design. The landmark architecture is by architectsAlliance and the estimated completion is for early Spring 2017. SMART HOUSE Toronto is currently the only condominium on Queen Street West Toronto! Plus, it will have protected vies to the east and west as part of the Heritage Conservation District. The ground level and 2nd floor will have 8,000 square feet of retail space while the 3rd and 4th floors are office space. More information is online at:

An introduction to the preconstruction Toronto Smart House Condo Tower

Here are the presale price points for the SMART HOUSE Toronto condos:
– Studios from 289 square feet priced from $226,900
– Junior One Bedrooms from 350 square feet and priced from $257,500
– 1 Bedroom and Den from 462 sqft and priced from $343,900
– Junior 2 Bedrooms from 532 sqft and priced from $441,900
– 2 Bedrooms from 669 sq feet and priced from $506,900
– 3 Bedrooms from 742 square ft and priced from $548,100

Parking stalls at the Queen West Toronto SMART HOUSE Condos are priced at $65,000 for 2 bedroom plans and larger and lockers are between $2,800 to $4,000. Maintenance fees are around $0.58 per square foot excluding hydro, water and gas.

Presale Queen West Toronto Smart House by Urban Capital and Malibu Investments

219 Queen Street West Toronto real estate development

More Info about the Queen St W Toronto Smart House Condos

Intriguing, innovative, intimate. An ultra-smart collaboration of location, space and good design is coming to Queen Street West Toronto. A celebration of smart thinking that recognizes the way we want to live now. A life of no clutter. No excess. A place to live for all those who love a clean and streamlined life and the notion of small but well thought out space. People like you – the committed city lover, the weekday city dweller, the corporate drop-in – who want to move in and start living from the get-go. People who want a place to live… without living for the place. Who trust their judgement in all things smart. These are the Smart House Toronto condos. Introducing an intimate boutique sized building of twenty fie storeys featuring very clever living. Toronto micro living is also featured here for affordability and de-cluttering. At Smart House Toronto, they make 300 square feet feel like more, more and more. The condos at Queen St W Toronto are small be design and by clever design made to feel larger too. For instance, the smallest suite floor plans appear as one space, but easily transform into living rooms and bedrooms. In many preconstruction Toronto Smart House condos, kitchen islands are designed with integrated dining tables, saving space but not compromising function. All of the kitchens at SmartHouse Toronto condos as well as bathrooms are highly efficient too, so they can be right sized for today’s smaller urban residences. So while living in less, there is still a lot more room to do more.

SmartHouse Toronto condominium description

How Smart is This?

Soon to be regarded as indispensable to your everyday, the Smart House App for smartphones and tablets is like your own personal 24/7 concierge desk, always at your fingertips. Order in supper. Toronto Smart House app allows you to reserve a car or share a limo. Book a maid, call a cab, a personal trainer, a dog walker … reserve a table at the in restaurant. Find out what’s on right now. Get your dry cleaning picked up and delivered through your Toronto Smart House app. Monitor your home temperature, switch on your lights, control your sound system from wherever you are. Check the availability of the party. And more! All on your very own Toronto Smart House app.

Not only that, but everything is smart: kitchens, bathrooms, technology, urban size, opportunity, furniture, storage and much more!

Pre-Sale Toronto Smart House Queen West apartments

The Amenities at SmartHouse Toronto

Sleek design and sleep equipment. The indoor amenity space, located on the 5th floor is a slice of luxury for you and your guests to share. A bird’s eye view of SmartHouse Toronto condo amenities highlights the recognition that people who choose to live small and smartly should have plenty of opportunity to exercise, lounge, party, be social and make friends on-site. For that quintessentially summer in the city outdoor experience at Queen West Toronto SmartHouse Condos: an ipe wood terrace that elevates the experience of lounging and relaxing outdoors. Located adjacent to the 5th floor interior amenities, here is style and luxury en plein air! Notable features here at SmartHouse Toronto condo’s outdoor living experience include clusters of chairs and loungers around gas fire pits, barbeques, and dining areas for those stylish al fresco feasts. And freeform plantings to give a relaxed informal air.

The project team consists of Urban Capital, Malibu Investments, architectsAlliance, II by IV Design and MarketVision.

Design that’s smart. Inherenly clever. Multi-functional. Space-saving. Clutter erasing. Pre-installed. Ready for use. Sleep. Sit. Cook. Relax. Do it all in style. Smartly.

Urban Capital Smart House Condos in Toronto


位於皇后街西219多倫多SMART HOUSE公寓是一家精品馬里布投資和城市資本地產集團的高層塔樓。它是目前在施工前和預覽是從2013年秋季開始。 25層高的高層地標在多倫多皇后西街智能家居的公寓房,將有241個單位,總平面圖尺寸上700平方尺範圍從大約300平方尺(約) 。這些驚人的城市資本智能家居公寓的室內設計是由屢獲殊榮的堅定II IV室內設計。標誌性建築是由architectsAlliance和預計完成早春2017 。智能家居是目前唯一的多倫多皇后西街多倫多共管!此外,它會保護搶答東部和西部的遺產保護區的一部分。地面層和二樓將有8000萬平方英尺的零售空間,而三樓和四樓是辦公空間。是在線: www.SmartHouseToronto.com的更多信息。

– 工作室從289平方尺售價從226900美元
– 少年臥室從350平方尺,售價從257500美元
– 1臥室和書房, 462平方英尺,售價從343900美元
– 初中2臥室532平方英尺,售價從441900美元
– 從669平方尺, 2間臥室,售價從506900美元
– 從742平方尺, 3間臥室,售價從548100美元

停車檔位在多倫多皇后西街智能家居公寓的售價為65,000美元, 2間臥室的計劃和更大的儲物櫃介於$ 2,800到$ 4,000 。維護費每平方英尺0.58美元左右,不包括水電,煤氣及水。




女王ST W多伦多智能大厦公寓的更多信息

趣,创新,贴心。超智能的位置,空间和良好的设计合作来多伦多皇后西街。庆祝智能思维,承认现在我们要活下去。没有杂乱的生活。没有多余的。对于所有那些谁爱干净和精简的生活和小的概念,但住的地方深思熟虑的空间。像你这样的人 – 承诺的城市情人,平日城市居民,企业降 – 要移动,并开始从一开始生活。人谁不想住的地方……而生活的地方。谁相信自己的判断,在所有的事情聪明。这些都是智能家居多伦多公寓。介绍一个亲密的精品的大小建筑20的外资企业层具有非常聪明的生活。多伦多微生活也是这里的特色负担能力和塞满。在智能家居多伦多,他们让感觉更喜欢,越来越多的300平方英尺。 ST W女王多伦多的公寓是小设计和巧妙的设计感到更大的太。例如,最小的套房平面图显示为一个空间,但很容易改造成客厅和卧室。在许多施工前的多伦多智能家居的公寓,厨房岛设计与集成的餐桌,节省空间,但不影响功能。所有的厨房“聪明屋”(Smarthouse)多伦多公寓以及浴室是高效的,因此他们可以对尺寸为今天的规模较小的城市住宅。因此,尽管生活在较,仍然有很多更多的做多空间。


时尚的设计和睡眠设备。室内休闲空间,是一片位于五楼的豪华,为您和您的客人分享。 “聪明屋”(Smarthouse)多伦多公寓设施的鸟瞰视图突出,谁选择住在小和巧妙的人应该有大量的机会去锻炼,休息,党,社会,广交朋友,现场识别。对于典型的夏天在城市户外体验在多伦多皇后西街SmartHouse的公寓房: IPE木露台,提升户外闲逛和放松的经验。位于五楼室内设施相邻,这里是EN plein空气的风格和豪华!在这里“聪明屋”(Smarthouse)多伦多公寓的户外生活体验的显着特点包括集群周围气体火坑,烧烤,对于那些时尚的户外的节日和用餐区的椅子和躺椅。和自由播种面积提供一个轻松的非正式的空气。

项目团队由城市资本,马里布投资, architectsAlliance ,二IV设计MarketVision 。

设计的智能。 Inherenly聪明。多功能。节省空间。杂波擦除。预安装。准备使用。休眠模式。坐。库克。放松。做这一切的风格。威风。 。

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