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Truly Unique Toronto Enigma Lofts and Townhomes in Bloor West Toronto Neighbourhood > Modern Architecture at Enigma Toronto Lofts in Trendy Location

Presale Toronto Enigma Lofts by Aragon Developers

Toronto Enigma Lofts

Marketed as ‘concrete’s finest hour’, the new Enigma Toronto lofts for sale is a new boutique project by Aragon Developers, a trusted builder in the Canadian market place. This modern building is built using plebeian concrete and is one of the most unique projects in the GTA market. The Enigma Lofts in Toronto represent great construction and design. Unlike the countless glass and steel towers popping in the downtown Toronto district, along with every other city in Canada, the Enigma Toronto lofts stand apart from the new normal. This unusual and unique kinked 9 storey mid-rise boutique loft building utilizes 2 overlapping L shaped structures to form an S shape. This strange and angular architecture is so unique and striking that there is nothing like this in Canada let alone Toronto. The Downtown Toronto Enigma Lofts exterior is adorned with a series of chevron patterns that accentuate the unusually shaped windows, and is nothing less than what one would expect from Toronto’s own award winning Quadrangle Architects. The project site is at 138 St Helens Avenue Toronto. It’s located in the trendy Bloor West neighbourhood just off of Lansdowne Avenue. Toronto Enigma lofts will surprise and delight you in equal measure and will feature only 86 boutique loft residences. For more information on the Aragon web site, please visit Presales are expected to start late September 2013. The mid-rise building is 9 storeys in height. GRAND OPENING OCTOBER 5, 2013.

New Enigma Toronto Lofts for sale

More Presale Enigma Toronto Loft Details

The boutique and unique Enigma Lofts building has 87 units and 60 different floor plans. Nestled in a quiet residential enclave, Enigma Lofts in Toronto, with 87 incredible loft-style condos, is ready to challenge your preconceptions of what urban living is all about. Located just minutes from downtown Toronto real estate market, in a trendy Bloor West neighbourhood just off of Lansdowne Avenue, Enigma Lofts in Toronto will surprise and delight you in equal measure. The Aragon Properties project is an exciting new addition to this most sought after neighbourhood. Situated at St. Helens Avenue and Bloor Street Toronto, just around the corner from the chic and happening Roncesvalle and Junction districts, this 87 suite loft style condominium project with townhouses is designed to appeal to the most discerning of tastes. Superlative contemporary urban living spaces will be offered soon and the neighbourhood features amenities, services, restaurants, bars and art galleries. Although the Enigma Toronto lofts’ superstructure is constructed using concrete and steel, the exterior utilizes cement-fibre panels to literally reinforce Aragon Properties’ emphasis on making choices that heed ecology as much as esthetics. It’s an ideology that’s synonymous with Aragon’s success over the past 25 years, combining posh with pragmatism, intrigue with innovation and sexiness with sobriety. There’s no shortage of any of these at the Enigma Lofts in Toronto.

Aragon Enigma Loft interior space

A great mix of dynamics that make for what will be the most interesting addition to the Bloordale landscape will be coming early Fall 2013. And if you are one to look backward in order to determine where you want to go forward, you may well be asking ‘have we now seen concrete’s finest hour?’. Decide for yourself at the new Toronto Enigma Lofts presentation centre on 138 Street Helens Avenue.

Enigma Kitchen loft features include stainless steel appliances

On the inside, the uniquely shaped exterior dictates Enigma Loft floor plans that challenge convention, and results in a somewhat mind boggling 64 different layouts in an 86 unit building. That is just amazing! Touches of Aragon trademarks can be found in the hardwood flooring, reclaimed brick walls, high end appliances, and sliding glass walls. There are inviting two and three level Toronto Enigma Townhomes for sale for those who are slowly being weaned of single family living, and spectacular Enigma Penthouses where on the south of the building, one will have unobstructed views of Lake Ontario.

Beautiful bedrooms and ensuites at Enigma by Aragon Toronto property

Concrete’s Finest Hour at Enigma Lofts in Toronto

From the latest Aragon newsletter in September 2013 regarding the upcoming October 2013 launch at Enigma Toronto Lofts and Townhomes development: When the emperor Trajan ruled the Roman Empire in the early part of the 2nd century, would he have had the foresight, as he walked through the newly completed Forum, contemplating the vastness of the Empire and his benevolent rule, to realize that here, now, was the very height of the Roman Empire, perhaps thinking, “yes, this is as good as it gets”? Sure enough, every subsequent Roman emperor had the unfortunate task of having to live up to the reverence and adulation that was uniquely given to Trajan, the greatest of all Roman emperors, who presided over the largest yet decidedly pacific expansion of the empire.

Beautiful bathrooms at the Enigma Lofts in Toronto Bloor West neigbhourhood





什么将是最有趣的除了的Bloordale景观的动力,使得一个伟大的组合将是未来2013秋季初。而如果你是一个向后看,以确定你想前进,你很可能会问: “我们现在看到具体的最美好的时刻?” 。新的多伦多谜阁楼演示中心街圣海伦斯大道138自行决定。

在里面,形状独特的外观决定谜阁楼地板计划,挑战常规,结果有点让人难以置信的64种不同的布局,在86单位建筑。这仅仅是惊人的!阿拉贡商标倒是可以发现在硬木地板,再生砖墙,高端家电,滑动玻璃墙。有邀请两三个级别多伦多谜排屋出售,对于那些正在慢慢断奶单一的家庭生活,和壮观的谜语Penthosues “在南部的建设,将有一览无余的安大略湖。

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