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NEW INFO > Downtown Toronto GARRISON POINT Condos & Townhomes by Diamondcorp, Cityzen & Fernbrook > Garrison Point Toronto Preconstruction Real Estate Project set to launch late 2013

Garrison Point Toronto Condos & Townhouses for sale

Downtown Toronto Garrison Point Condos & Townhomes

A major master planned community is now underway at 30 Ordnance Street Toronto. This new neighbourhood is brought to the Toronto real estate market through the collaboration of highly touted designers and developers including Diamondcorp, Fernbrook Homes, and Cityzen Development Group. The award winning team will be launching the Downtown Toronto Garrison Point Condos and Townhomes development this Fall at 30 Ordnance Street Toronto, just south of Strachan Avenue and Wellington Avenue West. The premier development will see the offering of over 500 condominium residences and multi-level townhouses that are designed for the true urbanite. The Garrison Point Toronto downtown condos and townhomes will be a welcome addition in terms of affordable luxury living in the heart of the neighbourhood and will give home buyers a chance to get into a ground level opportunity this year. Garrison Point Toronto real estate development is upending that outmoded tradition by providing single and multi level homes that appeal to urbanites whether they are single or married or starting a family. There are plenty of housing choices available at the preconstruction Toronto Garrison Point condo community and that’s what makes it so appealing. The surrounding neighbourhood has been changing drastically over the past few years, and this strip of 30 Ordnance Street Toronto will be within walking distance to many urban conveniences and services that include grocery stores, fitness centre, green spaces/parks, commercial/retail space and of course, top ranked schools and recreational facilities. The developers, Diamondcorp, Cityzen Development Group and Fernbrook Homes are also marketing that the Garrison Point Toronto development is a family oriented community and very family friendly. This is truly unique for the Downtown Toronto real estate market. From daycares to top ranked schools and from beautiful waterfront trails, children’s play grounds an Trinity Bellwoods, the Garrison Point Toronto master planned condo and townhouse community is ideal for families of all sizes. As well, you’re close to lots of pet friendly parks and trails for dog and cat lovers.

New rendering of the preconstruction Toronto Garrison Point condo towers

downtown Toronto master planned real estate development by Cityzen, Fernbrook and Diamondcorp

The Garrison Point Toronto Preconstruction Condos and Townhouses

Brought to you by 3 established builders, the 30 Ordnance Street Toronto real estate development at Garrison Point will feature 516 units for sale as well as a high-rise tower of 35 storeys designed by Hariri Pontarini Architects. The sales company for the preconstruction Toronto Garrison Point condo homes is Baker Real Estate Incorporated and you can register your interest for the presales launch event online at where you will find lots of community information already. Marketed as ‘a lot of things. It’s a place to live. A place to play. It’s a place to hang with old friends and make new ones. It’s a place to get in shape and it’s a place to cool off on a hot summer day.’ The new Garrison Point Toronto preconstruction condos provide stylish and urban residences so that you can be part of this growing downtown community complete with parklands, pools, local boutiques, fitness centre and schools. More than an average cookie-cutter development, the Garrison Point Condos in Toronto is about real community and designing a real life for yourself. From bachelors to multi bedroom townhouses, there is something for everyone.

Bird's eye view of Garrison Point Toronto preconstruction condo project

Once complete, 30 Ordnance Toronto real estate project will feature a mixed use community with approximately 5 buildings. The 1st phase of 30 Ordnance Garrison Point Toronto will see the construction of 2 buildings with a residential podium. The 2nd and later phases of the Garrison Point at 30 Ordnance Toronto will have a retail component and public space. The architect for Garrison Point 30 Ordnance is Hariri Pontarini and the landscape design is by Claude Cormier. The interiors are designed by award winning firm Munge Leung interior design. The 30 Ordnance Toronto Garrison Point condos will be ideally situated next to King West, Liberty Village as well as the waterfront boardwalk.

More information about the Diamondcorp Garrison Toronto downtown real estate project

At Home In The City

From their marketing web site: At Garrison Point Toronto development, we understand why you make the city your home. It’s about the people. It’s about that unmistakeable urban energy — that exciting lifestyle that you simply can’t get anywhere else. Featuring townhomes, condominiums, a fitness centre, pools, parks retail and more, Toronto Garrison Point is an organic urban neighbourhood that incorporates all the best that city life has to offer. And with an ideal location right in the heart of one of Toronto’s most vibrant neighbourhoods, there’s no point in even trying to find a better urban address.

Garrison Point by Fernbrook Homes

It’s Your Scene.

From their marketing web site: No matter what it is that you love about life in Toronto, you’re sure to find it at Garrison Point Toronto preconstruction condo sand townhouses. The Garrison neighbourhood itself features retail, parks, pools, pedestrian/cycling paths and more. As if that weren’t enough, the surrounding area features some of the hottest destinations in Toronto — the trendy shops of nearby Queen West, the clubs & restaurants of King West, the über hip bars and restaurants on the Ossington strip. BMO Field, The CNE, Liberty Village and more. Whatever your scene is, it’s right there waiting for you. Your style. Your neighbourhood. Your life. That’s the point at the new Toronto Garrison Point real estate development project.



30兵器多伦多房地产项目完成后,将有一个混合使用的社区大约有5幢。 30军械驻军点多伦多的第一阶段将建设2幢住宅领奖台。第二及以后的阶段的驻军点30兵器多伦多将有零售部分和公共空间。建筑师的驻军点30军械哈里里Pontarini和景观设计是由克劳德·科米尔。内饰设计由屡获殊荣的公司Munge梁的室内设计。 30兵器多伦多驻军点的公寓坐落王西,自由村以及海滨木栈道旁边。


一個主要的主計劃的社區目前正在進行在30軍械街多倫多。多倫多的房地產市場帶來新的鄰里通過高度吹捧包括Diamondcorp,拍遍世界的每個角落,家園,CityZen旅遊發展集團的設計師和開發人員的協作。獲獎團隊將推出多倫多市中心駐軍點公寓和排屋的發展,今年秋季在30軍械街多倫多,只是斯特拉坎大道和惠靈頓大道西以南。英超發展,會看到超過500個公寓住宅和多層次的聯排別墅是專為真正的城市居民發售。駐軍點多倫多市中心的公寓和聯排別墅,將是一個值得歡迎的除了在附近的心臟負擔得起的奢華生活,會給購房者有機會獲得進入地面水平的機會,今年。駐軍點多倫多房地產開發正在顛覆這一陳舊的傳統,通過提供單一和多級家園呼籲都市人,無論他們是單身或已婚,或開始一個家庭。有大量的住房選擇,可在施工前多倫多駐軍點的公寓社區,這是什麼使得它如此吸引人。周圍的鄰居已經發生著巨大的變化,在過去的幾年中,將在這條30軍械街多倫多步行至許多城市的便利和服務,包括食雜店,健身中心,綠地/公園,商業/零售空間和當然,排名靠前的學校和康樂設施。的開發,Diamondcorp CityZen旅遊發展集團和拍遍世界的每個角落,公寓也營銷駐軍點多倫多的發展是一個面向家庭的社區和家庭非常友好。多倫多市中心的房地產市場,這是真正獨一無二的。從排名靠前的學校和日托三位一體Bellwoods從美麗的海濱步道,兒童遊樂場,駐軍點多倫多總體規劃的公寓和聯排別墅社區是為各種規模的家庭的理想選擇。好了,你已經接近很多寵物狗和貓愛好者的友好公園和小徑。

從他們的營銷網站:在駐軍點多倫多發展,我們明白為什麼你的城市你的家。這是關於人的。這是關於城市能源,無疑的 – 那激動人心的生活方式,你根本無法得到任何其他地方。擁有聯排別墅,公寓,健身中心,游泳池,公園,多倫多駐軍點是一個有機的城市社區,整合了所有最好的城市生活提供零售和多。一個理想的地點,就在多倫多最繁華的街區之一的心臟,是沒有意義的,甚至還試圖找到一個更好的城市地址。

從他們的營銷網站:不管它是什麼,你喜歡生活在多倫多,你一定要找到它的駐軍點多倫多施工前的公寓砂排屋。駐軍附近的本身特點,零售,公園,水池,行人/自行車道多。如果這還不夠,周邊地區設有一些在多倫多最熱門的目的地 – 皇后西街附近的時尚商店,俱樂部和餐廳,西王,尤伯杯Ossington條時髦的酒吧和餐館。足球場,CNE,自由村和更多。無論你的場景,它就在那裡等著你。你的風格。你的鄰居。你的生活。這是在新的多倫多駐軍點房地產開發項目點。

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