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From Low $200’s > THE HUB Toronto Condos near Eglinton Crosstown LRT > 16 Storey Mid-Rise by Empire Communities featuring 1 bed to 2 bedroom+den floor plans in Eg-West Toronto Neighbourhood

The HUB Toronto Condos in Eg-West Neighbourhood

The HUB Condos in Toronto

Live Life on Tomorrow’s Fast Lane. Make the Switch. Get Connected to The HUB Toronto condos! Affordable living is not achievable with new Toronto HUB condos starting from only the low $200’s! Situated in an ideal location around Toronto’s Eglinton West and Oakwood neighbourhoods, The HUB by Empire Communities is now previewing! TheHUB Toronto affordable condos will be located along Eglinton Avenue West and Oakwood Avenue Toronto Ontario and will feature a wide selection of condominium residences as well as townhouses. According to their marketing: With its uptown edge, this new Empire Communities residential development will play a key role in this Eg-West area that is undergoing significant renewal. With new condo projects, new neighbourhood friendly shops, services and the Eglinton Crosstown LRT right outside your front door at The HUB Toronto condos, where else would you want to be? The initial presale buyers at The HUB Condos in Toronto can take advantage of the good value combination of a yet to be discovered neighbourhood. Get connected to TheHUB Toronto today and never look back! This boutique 16 storey mid-rise building will feature suites starting from the low $200’s, making them especially affordable for first timers as well as professionals. More information is online at this web site: You can register your interest on the Empire Communities website for more upcoming VIP presale launch details! The other marketing site we’ve seen for TheHUB Toronto condos is at

Presale Toronto The HUB by Empire Communities

The HUB Toronto Condo Offering

According to the New Homes & Condo Magazine, “Empire Communities’ vision is putting them on the cutting edge of a hot new uptown community along Eglinton West corridor in Toronto.” Based in Vaughan Ontario, Empire Communities is no stranger to master planned transit oriented condo community development. And now, coming to Eglinton West Toronto is The HUB by Empire Communities, the latest offering that will help transform one of the city’s most vibrant neighbourhoods. Situated along the new Eglinton Crosstown LRT, The HUB Toronto condos will be the first of its kind in this area. This sleek mid-rise tower directly on the Eglinton Crosstown LRT will be 16 storeys in height and will become ‘the place to live’ once complete. An enormous surge in new retail, restaurants and boutiques has made the Eglinton West Toronto neighbourhood one of the most sought after newly revitalized communities in the entire city. The HUB Toronto condo development will include 220 suites for sale including one bed, one bedroom plus den, two bed and two bedroom plus den floor plans. There will also be an exclusive 7 Toronto The Hub townhomes for sale. The condos will start from the low $200,000s, making it affordable for first time homebuyers as well as investors alike. All of the floor plans (condos and townhouses) will feature outdoor living space and the principal rooms will all have nine foot ceilings unless otherwise specified. The HUB Toronto condo building will also feature stainless steel appliance package, custom designed contemporary cabinets, polished granite counters and glass tiled backsplashes. The spa inspired bathrooms will have custom designed cultured marble sinks, deep soaker tubs to relax in and glass shower stalls for that truly sleek modern look and feel.

Party clubhouse is one of many amenity spaces at The HUB Toronto condominiums for sale

The on-site amenities at TheHUB Toronto includes a professionally equipped exercise room complete with weight training equipment, cardio machines and a yoga/pilates area with mats and balance balls. In addition, the Toronto HUB Condos will also feature a party room that comes with a kitchen and private dining space with entertainment area equipped with a cards table, flat screen television, a fireplace and lounge with comfortable seating. The outdoor amenities at the Empire Communities The HUB Toronto condo building includes a terrace deck that has BBQ pits, seating area and dining area.

The HUB condos are close to the Eglinton Crosstown LRT and Yorkdale Mall

Street front at this new 16 storey Toronto mid-rise by Empire

Opening of The HUB Toronto Presentation Centre

The presale Toronto TheHUB condo presentation sales centre officially opened to big crowds and optimistic insiders! The Hub by Empire Communities is the latest residential development by this established builder and will see the construction of a 16 storey high-rise at the corner of Oakwood and Eglinton Avenue. The HUB will occupy a prime location on the Eglinton Crosstown light rail train, giving residents a convenient and transit oriented community. The HUB Toronto condo location already offers residents a multitude of options that include bakeries, cafes, restaurants and bistros all within walking distance. In addition, Yorkdale Mall is just 3 subway stops away via the TTC and outdoor enthusiasts can appreciate the beautiful Cedarvale Park that is located just a few blocks away. At Oakwood and Eglinton, The HUB Toronto condos in Eglinton West will occupy a space that is transit friendly the corridor from Black Creek to Kennedy Station will link to more than 50 local bus routes, three TTC interchange stations as well as the GO Transit Line. The LRT will further give residents at the presale Toronto HUB condos more opportunities to enjoy this transit oriented condo neighbourhood by Empire Communities. During the summer months, Eglinton West features numerous street fares and celebrations and is becoming a vibrant, family and pedestrian friendly neighbourhood. Buyers who chose The HUB by Empire Communities will have a very unique chance to take advantage of this up and coming area and be part of its richness and new energy.


据新公寓套房杂志,“帝国社区的愿景是把它们放在一个热门的新住宅区的社区沿林顿在多伦多西部走廊的前沿。”总部设在安大略省旺市,帝国社区并不陌生掌握计划面向中转高级公寓社区发展。而现在,未来到林顿西多伦多的枢纽帝国社区,最新推出的产品,这将有助于改变城市的最具活力的街区之一。位于沿新林顿克罗斯敦轻轨,集线器多伦多公寓将在这方面的第一个同类。这圆滑中层塔上直接的林顿克罗斯敦轻轨,将是16层高,将成为’住的地方’一旦完成。在新的零售,餐馆和精品店,一个巨大的浪涌埃格林顿西多伦多最追捧新活力的社区,在整个城市之一。 HUB多伦多公寓的发展将包括220间套房的销售点,包括一张床,一间卧室加书房,两间大床和两个卧室加书房平面图。也将有独家7多伦多枢纽排屋出售。公寓将开始从低200,000元,负担得起的首次购屋者以及投资者的一致好评。所有的平面图(公寓和联排别墅)将展出的户外生活空间,主要的房间都将有9英尺高的天花板,除非另有规定。 HUB多伦多公寓大楼也将采用不锈钢家电套餐,定制设计的当代柜,抛光花岗岩柜台和玻璃瓷砖防溅。 SPA风格的浴室将有定制设计的人造大理石水池,深浴缸放松和玻璃淋浴间,真正的时尚现代的外观和感觉。


預售多倫多TheHUB公寓展示銷售中心正式拉開大人群和樂觀的業內人士!由帝國社區中心是最新的這個既定的建設者和住宅開發建設將看到一個16層高的高層奧克伍德和Eglinton大道的拐角處。該中心將上林頓克羅斯敦的輕軌列車,佔據優越的地理位置,讓居民方便和過境導向的社會。 HUB多倫多公寓位置已經提供了眾多的選項,其中包括麵包店,咖啡館,餐廳和酒吧,都在步行距離之內的居民。此外,Yorkdale購物中心僅有3個地鐵站的距離通過TTC和戶外活動愛好者可以欣賞美麗的錫達韋爾公園,位於只有幾個街區之遙。在奧克伍德和Eglinton,HUB的多倫多公寓在林頓西將佔據一個空間,將鏈接到50多位當地的巴士路線,三個TTC交換站以及GO公交線路走廊黑溪至堅尼地站過境友好。輕鐵將進一步給在的預售多倫多HUB公寓更多的機會享受這種過境帝國社區導向的公寓附近的居民。在夏季,西林頓擁有眾多的街頭票價和慶祝活動,並正在成為一個充滿活力,家庭和行人友好的鄰居。買家選擇集線器帝國社區將有一個非常獨特的機會,趁這個行動和未來的地區,它的豐富性和新能源的一部分。


The Hub condo marketing

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