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From $199,900! Launch at 2221 Yonge Toronto Condo Tower > Achievable Home Ownership in Toronto Midtown Real Estate District > Pei Partnership/Quadrangle Architects + Munge Leung Design

2221 Yonge Toronto Condo High-Rise by Tower Hill Development Corporation

2221 Yonge Toronto Condos by Tower Hill Development Corporation

From $199,900! Midtown Toronto real estate’s most highly anticipated new project is coming soon to 2221 Yonge Condo High-Rise by Tower Hill Development Corporation! This sleek glass and concrete tower soars 56 storeys into the Toronto Midtown skyline where you will find achievable Toronto home ownership in one of the best locations. The architecture of this landmark tower at 2221 Yonge Toronto condos is designed by New York based Pei Partnership Architects in conjunction with Quadrangle Architects. World acclaimed interior designer, Munge+Leung have designed the 2221 Yonge Toronto condo amenity spaces and interior suite specifications to reflect the most modern and high-end fashionable styles you can imagine. The sales company for the presale Toronto 2221 Yonge by Tower Hill Development is Baker Real Estate Inc and construction is starting this summer. 2221 Yonge Condos is a new condo project by Tower Hill Development Corporation and is currently in preconstruction at 2221 Yonge Street Toronto. Available presale condos will start from under $200,000, giving first time homebuyers achievable Toronto home ownership opportunities. The Midtown Toronto location is impeccable and the actual neighbourhood in which this striking 56 storey tower is being built is called Mont Pleasant West. Some of the nearby parks and green spaces include the Hillsdale Avenue Parkette, Fiona Nelson Park, Eglinton Park, Holly Dunfield Walkway and the Redpath Ave Park.

The tower at 2221 Yonge Toronto tower will rise from a six-storey podium with a 56th floor sky lounge, a resort inspired spa, as well as a state-of-the-art fitness area. Presale Toronto condo units start at $199,999. The 2221 Yonge floor plans are between 386 to 997 square feet in interior living space. Visit for more details now!

Official rendering of the presale Toronto 2221 Yonge Condos for sale designed by Pei Partners and Quadrangle Architects

More Information About the Presale Toronto 2221 Yonge Condo Tower

Rising 56 storeys into the Midtown Toronto skyline, the 2221 Yonge high-rise residential tower will fit beautifully on a 6 storey podium that allows for an extensive amenity offering on site. With beautiful outdoor spaces and terrace deck in addition to indoor amenities on the 7th floor, 2221 Yonge Toronto Midtown condos is all about true urban living in an exciting and affordable neighbourhood. Some of the amenities include an outdoor seating area and terrace deck in addition to an outdoor fireplace/fire pit area with comfortable seating and outdoor BBQs and cabanas. As well, the presale Toronto 2221 Yonge Condos for sale will include a movie screening room, fitness studio on site as well as a games room. For those who need a bit of pampering, the Tower Hill Developments Toronto Midtown high-rise will feature treatment rooms and massage pools too! Achievable Toronto home ownership is here!

The Toronto Midtown real estate development by Tower Hill

Another look at the 6 story 2221 Yonge Street Toronto podium deck

The 2221 Yonge Toronto Condo Vision

The architectural visionaries at Pei Partnership Architects and Quadrangle Architects have designed one of the most striking and architecturally beautiful towers for Mont Pleasant West in Midtown Toronto real estate district. The terrace decks and rooftop lounge are unique design features that break up the glass tower façade. In addition, there are cantilevered wraparound terrace decks that are beautifully integrated to maximize outdoor living and views. As you can see from the initial renderings, the Tower Hill 2221 Yonge Toronto condo tower features lots of outdoor living space (both within your suite floor plan as well as in the common amenity areas). There is a distinctly abstract design patter on the south façade and north façade. Behind this beautiful patter, floor to ceiling windows allow abundant amounts of natural light and views into your new home. The design of the 2221 Yonge Condos in Toronto Midtown are not your standard box type project. The use of double height glass, massive outdoor living spaces and much more create a transparent, light filled amenity space between the podium and the high-rise tower.

Achievable home ownership in Toronto Midtown starts here

Pei Partnership Architects and Quadrangle Architects work together to design 2221 Yonge to contribute to the fabric of the Yonge & Eglinton neighbourhood. All this is outlined by a delicate stone-clad border, framing the apartments that seemingly hover above a continuous, clear glass storefront. Through this glassy ground floor façade, a long, extra wide lobby extends the entire length of the site to connect the front and rear entrances. The continuity through the site is further enhanced by a large sloped garden, visible from outside on Yonge Street, that greets visitors entering from the west. At the rear, the podium extends over the driveway to become a grand porte-cochère over a double lane drop-off.

Inside, Munge Leung has designed amazing suite layouts that are efficient and airy. All of the 2221 Yonge floor plans will have outdoor living and the amenity spaces will be just as impressive. The Yonge and Eglinton Midtown neighbourhood is central, family friendly and within walking distance to the subway, future Eglinton LRT and major transit routes. Available condos start from just $199,900!

Bird's eye view of the terrace.


貝氏建築事務所和四合院建築師設計的建築夢想家之一勃朗峰宜人的西城區多倫多地產區最引人注目的建築美麗的塔。露台甲板和屋頂休息室獨特的設計特點,打破了玻璃塔外牆。此外,有懸臂式環繞式露台的甲板,精美的整合,以最大限度地提高戶外生活和意見。正如你可以看到從最初的效果圖,塔山2221央多倫多公寓塔設有大量的戶外生活空間(您的套房內的平面圖,以及在公共設施領域)。南立面和北立面有一個明顯的抽象的設計模式。這背後美麗的行話,落地窗讓自然光線並享有豐富的金額到您的新家。 2221央公寓在多倫多市中心的設計是不是你的標準箱型項目。使用雙高玻璃,巨大的室外生活空間,更創造一個透明的,光線充足的休閒空間之間的裙樓和高層塔。

關於預售多倫多2221 YONGE公寓大樓的更多信息



从199900美元!城多伦多房地产最备受期待的新项目即将在2221央公寓高层由塔山发展公司!这家时尚的玻璃和混凝土塔耸立楼高56层,到多伦多市中心的天际线,在那里你会找到实现的多伦多置业的最佳地点之一。这一具有里程碑意义的塔在2221央多伦多公寓是由总部位于纽约的贝氏建筑事务所设计的架构结合四合院建筑师。世界著名的室内设计师,Munge +梁设计2221央多伦多公寓设施场所和室内套装规格,以反映最现代和最高端的时尚的款式,你可以想像。贝克房地产公司和建设是今年夏天开始销售公司预售多伦多2221央塔山发展。 2221央公寓是一个新的公寓项目由塔山发展公司,目前在施工前的2221 Yonge Street多伦多。可用的预售公寓从20万美元以下的,给予首次购房者实现的多伦多置居所的机会。多伦多市中心的位置是无可挑剔的,实际的社区,这是一个惊人的56层高的大楼正在修建被称为山宜人西。一些附近的公园和绿地,包括希尔斯代尔大道Parkette,菲奥娜尼尔森公园,埃格林顿公园,冬青Dunfield走道和雷德帕思大道公园。

里面,梁Munge已经设计了惊人的套房布局,高效和通风。 2221央平面图户外生活和美化空间将同样令人印象深刻。央和埃格林顿城附近为中心,家庭友好的步行距离内林顿轻轨地铁,未来主要交通中转航线。可用的公寓从只是199900美元,开始!


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