Friday, January 1, 2010

Urban Capital Developers Projects - Boutique Condos, The Syliva Toronto Condos, Camden Lofts, Charlotte Lofts & Etobicoke St. Andrew on the Green

Successful Condo Projects by Toronto’s Urban Capital Property Group

There are many builders and developers that stake claim as the best Toronto real estate development team, but no other firm has the experience and portfolio the rival this company. Often rated as the best Toronto builder, Urban Capital Property Group is a residential development company that includes over three thousand new Toronto condominium units developed or under construction in this city in addition to Montreal and Ottawa. With a strong commitment to sustainability, environmental sensitivity, great design and affordable pricing, the Urban Capital Toronto real estate developers are rated as one of the top builders by Toronto condo buyers. In addition, Urban Capital Toronto real estate condo builders are usually the first into revitalization of community projects, often revamping and redesigning old and industrial areas into vibrant, liveable and sustainable neighbourhoods for generations to come. By shaping such neighbourhoods, Urban Capital Toronto real estate condo developers hope to transform the city into desirable areas for generational living. Giving options for first time home buyers, couples, growing families and downsizers, the Toronto Urban Capital condo developers present a wealth of different housing types that fit all lifestyles. The Urban Capital Property Group has also launched Urbaina, the club for modern design and urban living in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and New York City. Welcome to Urbaina Urban Capital. Urbaina is Urban Capital’s VIP membership club, bringing together both people who love modern design and urban condo living. Urbaina members receive preferred status and pre-arranged discounts at select retailers, service providers and hotels consistent with the Urban Capital design and lifestyle ethic. Members of Urbaina also receive special invitations for upcoming parties and events as well as first priority showings for future pre-construction Urban Capital Toronto condo developments. For more information about the Urban Capital Urbaina, please visit now. Below are some of the recently completed Toronto Urban Capital condo projects.

The Boutique Toronto Condos – Chic Hotel Style Condominiums for Sale

The boutique Toronto condos at 126 simcoe street are now available and are designed by ZAS Architects.Currently under construction, both Phases 1 and 2 are near sell-outs here at the Toronto Boutique Condos by Urban Capital Property Group. Situated at 126 Simcoe Street in Toronto real estate market, these urban Boutique Condominiums features a fifteen story and thirty five story high-rise tower residence. The total number of suites in this master planned Toronto Boutique Condo development is six hundred and thirty seven. The designers for the Boutique includes CORE Architects in collaboration with ZAS Architects and the interior designs are by Ceconni Simone. Both phases are now under construction in the middle of the Financial District and Entertainment District of downtown Toronto real estate market. Combining the best of Boutique Toronto condominium features and hotel style amenities, the property development was close to selling out all suites back in the late 2005. Click here for more information about the Boutique Toronto Condo development.

Urban Capital Presents The Sylvia Toronto Condos for Resale

The 50 Camden Street Toronto Lofts and Sylvia condominiums for sale are brought to you by Urban Capital Developments.Located at 50 Camden Street in Toronto real estate district, these urban condominiums are designed by CORE Architects and are now completed and available on the resale condo market. The Sylvia Toronto condos is a seven floor residential building that provides fifty four units for resale. The resale Toronto Sylvia units contain such features as raised hardwood flooring, huge rolling walls and exposed ceilings and concrete columns within each suite. Urban Capital Toronto developers completed The Sylvia back in 2000 and it was a joint project with Intracorp Developments. Located at 50 Camden Street in the King-Spadina District, the resale Toronto Sylvia condos actually followed the Camden Lofts residence as a new style of housing in the market place. Representing true new loft residences located in a former industrial area of the city, the new Sylvia Toronto condos feature oversized windows, very open concept floor plans and fully views.

Toronto Camden Lofts by Urban Capital

29 Camden Street Toronto Lofts for Sale designed by CORE Architects are available on the resale Toronto real estate market.The resale Camden Lofts Toronto condominiums was the winner of the City of Toronto Architecture and Urban Design Award in 2003! Located at 29 Camden Street Toronto real estate market, the new loft condominiums at Camden Lofts features a seven story residential building with a fine selection of forty eight units. The designers for the Urban Capital Camden Lofts Toronto resale condos includes CORE Architects, Oleson Worland Architects in collaboration with Cecconi Simone Interior Design. They are completed and units for sale are located on the resale Toronto real estate market place right now. Completed by Urban Capital Toronto back in 1999, the 48 loft building was both trend setting and very unique in terms of its modern architecture in this King Spadina district at the time. The former industrial area was where Urban Capital Toronto developers envisioned large loft style condominiums and conversion projects, and the 29 Camden Street lofts was one of the first to be completed. The new loft features include the large warehouse style windows, custom industrial lighting inside and out, exposed concrete ceilings as well as walls. In addition, the resale Toronto Camden Lofts features a traditional brick and modern glass exterior to complement the historic look of warehouses still in the area. The Camden Lofts Toronto were developed by one of Urban Capital’s principals together with Dundee Realty.

The Resale Toronto Charlotte Lofts by Urban Capital Developers

Urban Capital presents the new Toronto Charlotte Lofts for sale completed back in 2002.Another awesome Toronto loft development by Urban Capital, the leaders in this real estate market place for unique design and architecture are the resale Charlotte Lofts located at 36 Charlotte Street in Toronto real estate market. These urban condominiums include thirteen floors of prime Toronto Charlotte loft style residences with sixty six units in total. The designers are CORE Architects and the status is that it was completed mid way through the year 2002. The 66 units at Charlotte Lofts Toronto residences by Urban Capital was the third project completed along the new loft style building developments by this established builder in the King Spadina real estate district. Forever transforming the King-Spadina community, Urban Capital Toronto collaborated with CORE Architects again to feature the huge warehouse style windows, brick on the lower floors and lighter materials up higher to create a great combination of traditional modern loft style residences for homebuyers. This division of materials utilized at the resale Toronto Charlotte Lofts in King-Spadina fit well into the industrial neighbourhood and is both modern and clean. The interiors of the Charlotte Toronto lofts for sale include free flowing layouts and floor plans, exposed concrete ceilings and columns, overhead shower heads and common corridors that have understated tones, deep brown walls, walnut suite doors and custom lighting throughout the building. Located on an extra small loft, the Urban Capital Charlotte Toronto lofts for sale reflect the developers’ ongoing commitment to urban infill development.

The Etobicoke St. Andrew on the Green Urban Capital Project

The resale Etobicoke Condos at St. Andrew on the Green by Urban Capital is located in the Islington Village real estate marketplace.Another Greater Toronto real estate development recently completed by Urban Capital Developers is the St. Andrew on the Green luxury Etobicoke condominiums located at 9 Brunhamthorpe Crescent. The designers include Bryan Patton Interior Design and Turner Fleischer Architects. Covering a mid-rise of 9 floors with one hundred and six luxury Etobicoke condominiums, St. Andrew on the Green is a finely proportioned, terraced condo building located on a winding lane overlooking the Islington Golf Club in the Toronto Islington Village community. Beautifully detailed in traditional masonry and accent precast, the Etobicoke St. Andrew on the Green development includes a varied collection of 106 luxury condominiums with bay windows, roof top gardens, patios, terraces, and French balconies. Developed by Urban Capital in partnership with Malibu Investments Inc., you can now purchase a resale Etobicoke St. Andrew on the Green luxury condominium by speaking with your agent.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Master Planned River City Toronto Waterfront Condo Development is Underway - LEED Gold Certified Toronto Condos for Sale by Urban Capital

River City Toronto Waterfront Condo Development – The Place to Be

Urban Capital Property Group launches Phase 1 of River City Toronto real estate development along the waterfront district of Don Valley Park.For those who haven’t heard of the massive redevelopment plans for the Toronto waterfront real estate district, here is more information about the first new condo project being launched by Urban Capital Property Group. Called the Waterfront River City Toronto Condos, this five phase condo and townhome development will be home to hundreds of prime residences for homebuyers to choose from. LEED Gold certified Toronto condos in addition to 100% carbon neutral, this new city within a city is now launching Phase 1 of their project. The future of the Toronto waterfront real estate district will forever transform over the next twenty years, and here at Don Mills and the Hudson, Phase 1 of River City Toronto waterfront condos now begins. According to their sales and marketing pitch: every so often a new Toronto real estate development comes along that sets a new course for living within this beautiful city. As the first phase of Toronto real estate’s newly revitalized waterfront, River City Toronto condos is a ground breaking development for the twenty first century. In total, Toronto River City will have five buildings providing more than nine hundred loft style condominiums for sale and family friendly townhouses. This in addition to street level dining, cafes, boutiques, shopping, and Toronto condo buyers certainly will experience a new style of living along the Toronto waterfront promenade. Welcome to a new way of living on Toronto’s new blue edge, here at River City Condos and townhouses. The five phases will be built over the next seven to ten years, and right now, the first phase of River City Toronto condos and townhomes will be launched in early 2010 and will be ready for completion and occupancy starting in 2012. In the pre-construction Toronto River City Phase 1 development, Urban Capital will design and construct a five storey building that will have about one hundred market waterfront Toronto condos for sale. River City Phase 2 will introduce a high-rise tower of fourteen stories and will feature ground floor groceries and about two hundred and thirty condominiums. A spectacular glass bridge is planned to connect the first and second buildings. The pre-construction Toronto River City Phase 3 condo development will have 4 glass mini condominium towers that will combine to make an eleven floor condo building. The Phase 3 River City Toronto waterfront condo buildings will share a courtyard with the Phase 1 building. The last two phases of River City Toronto waterfront development will feature a high-rise of 24 stories and a mid-rise of about 10 storeys, each of which will also offer ground floor shopping and dining options.

The Waterfront Toronto River City Community

The pre-construction Toronto waterfront condos at River City real estate development by Urban Capital is now selling Phase 1 high-rise condominiums and townhomes.As a huge city master plan to revitalize the waterfront districts, River City becomes the first Toronto neighbourhood to initiate a groundbreaking development that will see the transformation of this neighbourhood into a bustling and vibrant condo city. Stretching as far away as king Street West to the new Don River Park and from the Don River to River Street, the waterfront River City project will also be the first phase of the West Don Lands neighbourhood. First populated more than one hundred and fifty years ago, this heritage district is the starting point for the entire Toronto waterfront real estate redevelopment that is now underway, first starting with Phase 1 of River City condos and townhouses. In the late 1800’s the West Don Lands was home to a working class neighbourhood with light industrial buildings, workers cottages and laneways. By 2015, the City of Toronto has determined that the revitalization of this waterfront district at West Don Lands will benefit the community for generations to come. Rarely in the life of a city do you get a chance to really do it right. To build more than just buildings and streets, but rather an entire neighbourhood and community, one that is alive, healthy and green, right from the start, and right in the heart of the Toronto waterfront real estate district. West Don Lands is the opportunity we are taking to do just this here at the Urban Capital River City Toronto condo development. At $2 billion, LEED Gold condo community containing over six thousand residences along with boutiques, restaurants and cafes, all on tree lined streets, pedestrian oriented walkways, it is where Waterfront Toronto River City together with forward thinking private developers are creating the ultimate urban community, one that will be a showcase for the entire waterfront re-development. At the pre-construction Toronto River City development, the Don River Park will be featured as the largest park in the city. At $15 million, 18 acres urban oasis, designed by Boston based Michael Van Valkenberg Associates, Don River Park at River City Toronto waterfront development will be a lush urban retreat of rolling hills, native woodlands and open lawns, a destination waterfront park for the entire city. In addition, the Toronto’s Lower East Side is just part of your eclectic pre-construction Toronto River City condo community that you can explore.

The Development Team

The Toronto River City Condos is a new project that will forever transform the riverfront TO district with mixed use developments, residential units and much more.Featuring Urban Capital Property Group, River City Developer, this Toronto based firm has constructed or currently has under construction over three thousand residential units in Ottawa, Montreal and of course, Toronto real estate district. Typically among the first property developers in a new district, Urban Capital Property Group, the River City Toronto waterfront condo developer, has also been an innovator in terms of architectural design and environmental sustainability. Please visit for more information about this developer. In collaboration with Urban Capital, the master waterfront developer is Waterfront Toronto, an agency of the federal, provincial and municipal governments. It is their vision to transform Toronto’s Central Waterfront, East Bayfront, West Don Lands and Portlands over the next twenty years. Visit for more info.

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