Monday, June 8, 2009

The Tridel Mansions of Humberwood Presents Luxury Etobicoke Condominium Residences for Sale - Private Enclave for a Select Few Toronto Homebuyers

The Tridel Mansions of Humberwood in Etobicoke Real Estate Market

The Mansions at Humberwood Etobicoke condominium residences is a new Tridel Toronto real estate development of epic proportions.The Tridel Mansions of Humberwood Etobicoke condominium residences are nearing completion, so now is the time to purchase your new Etobicoke condo for sale. Already completing and with move-ins occurring right at this moment, the new Etobicoke Mansions of Humberwood real estate development features a master planned high-rise condo community that back up onto lush private gardens at the Humber Arboretum. Becoming a private enclave for all types of lifestyles, ages and people, the Mansions of Humberwood Etobicoke condos for sale have certainly become one of the most sought after communities in the area and are certainly conveniently located near parks, schools, highways, the airport as well as Woodbine Centre shopping. In addition to its stunning exterior architecture, the pre-sale Tridel Mansions of Humberwood Etobicoke condo residences are also spectacular inside, with unique and contemporary finishes and features that are unparalleled by any other real estate development in the Greater Toronto area. With over nine hundred pre-construction Etobicoke condo sales already before completion, the Humberwood Community of Etobicoke real estate market are certainly turning heads with the new Humberwood Club that is now complete and ready for residents to enjoy with their neighbours, family and friends. This spectacular new resident clubhouse at the Mansions of Humberwood features everything from a world class fitness centre, whirlpool, indoor swimming pool, lounge areas as well as outdoor entertainment spaces year –round. In addition, the pre-sale Etobicoke Humberwood condo community is offering the final Tridel Mansions of Humberwood condominium suites that are all three bedroom and den floor plans, spacious enough for growing families or couples looking for extra room. The presentation centre for the pre-sale Etobicoke Mansions of Humberwood condominium community is now located at Rexdale Boulevard and Humberwood Boulevard in the heart of the city and is brought to the Etobicoke real estate market by Tridel Hullmark developers. The contact name for the Humberwood community is Natasha and you can reach her at 416.798.1818. The Mansions of Humberwood presentation centre is located at 710 Humberwood Blvd Suite 105, Etobicoke real estate market and is open every day except for Fridays.

The Pre-Sale Etobicoke Humberwood Condominium Interior Features

Located in central Etobicoke property market, the pre-construction Mansions of Humberwood are luxurious and boutique condo residences with superior finishes and interior features.Some of the impressive finishing features at the Mansions of Humberwood in Etobicoke real estate market include one storage locker and one parking space that is included in every condo purchase. In addition, all residences at the pre-sale Etobicoke Humberwood condo community will feature the Tridel Softwire technology that integrates all your home entertainment and communication systems. As for the flooring, the Humberwood Mansions in Etobicoke features plush thirty six ounce nylon carpeting with underpads in the luxurious and spacious bedrooms in addition to imported ceramic floor tiling in the laundry, storage rooms, bath rooms and the kitchen. As for the living room, dining room and den, the presale Etobicoke Mansions of Humberwood will feature plank or strip laminate hardwood flooring, that is beautiful and contemporary, a perfect fit for any home purchaser in the Toronto real estate market. Other features include the Humberwood Signature bathroom and kitchen cabinetry, that is custom produced and also elegant yet contemporary. All of the presale Etobicoke condos at the Humberwood Mansions will have five appliance set as standard features in addition to various floor plans to choose from. As a master planned community, the Humberwood Etobicoke real estate development features spacious layouts between one and three bedrooms. However, the new Humberwood Mansions features only three bedroom layouts, that provide lots of living space and also outdoor patios or balconies for entertainment space throughout the year. Close to the Woodbine Race Track, Humberwood Arboretum and the Woodbine Centre, the new Tridel Mansions of Humberwood are ideally located to everything you want to see and do in the city of Etobicoke. In addition, residents and homebuyers at the Humberwood Mansions will be close to movie theatres, libraries, schools, major highways, banks and golf courses in addition to tonnes of shopping and restaurants to choose from on a daily basis. The pre-sale Etobicoke Mansions of Humberwood are also very close to the airport and many other outdoor recreational options for singles, couples and families in addition to retirees.

The Humberwood Community Master Plan

The presale Humberwood Mansions of Etobicoke is a Tridel condo development that is affordable and well situated.The Mansions of Humberwood is part of an incredible master planned Etobicoke condo community that features an environmentally sensitive design, construction and plan. The magnificent twin residences, high-rise Etobicoke condo towers overlook the Humber Valley and provide hundreds of new, contemporary and luxurious residences in this growing city. With a grand roundabout Port Cochere entry and with beautifully landscaped courtyards and gardens, the Etobicoke Humberwood condo community certainly feels like an established neighbourhood when you set foot into the grounds. The buildings, rich professional landscaping, green spaces, pathways, and outdoor terraces all complement the beautiful surroundings of the Humber Valley. Inside, the residents of the mansions of Humberwood Etobicoke Tridel real estate development can certainly enjoy two levels of amenity space totalling over twenty five thousand square feet. From a fitness centre to a recreational area and from two party rooms to fully furnished guest suites, residents will be spoiled year round here at the Humberwood condominium community. Also, the Humberwood Club in Etobicoke will have tennis courts, an indoor swimming pool and and exercise centre too.

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Masterplanned Waterview Community Presents Pre-Sale Etobicoke Waterscapes Condominiums - Luxury Waterfront Etobicoke Condos for Sale - Monarch Group

Pre-Construction Etobicoke Waterscapes Condominiums Now Selling at Waterview!

The Waterscapes at Waterview Etobicoke condos for sale is part of a master planned waterfront Toronto real estate development.Brought to the Toronto property market by the Monarch Group property developers, the new Waterscapes Etobicoke condo residences at the masterplanned Waterview community are a blend of cosmopolitan Toronto urban living and the luxury and attention to amenities and facilities as Miami waterfront condo tower residences. With an impeccable waterfront Etobicoke real estate location and outstanding features inside and out, the Waterscapes Etobicoke condominium high-rise tower residences are efficient and GREEN. Environmental sensitivity is one of the huge selling points that the Monarch Group has deployed in their construction and design of the pre-construction Waterscapes Etobicoke waterfront condos at the master planned Waterview community were the Canada Green Building Council has rewarded them with a great certification for greener lifestyles and green urban living spaces. Some of the GREEN condo measures at the pre-sale Etobicoke Waterscapes waterfront condos include individual condo suite metering of hydro as well as individually controlled heating and cooling system throughout the year. Other Etobicoke GREEN condo features here a the Waterscapes Waterfront condominiums include Energy Star rated appliances that include a dishwasher, fridge/freezer, front loading washer and dryer. Other GREEN Etobicoke condo features here at the Monarch Group Waterscapes condos include carbon monoxide detection system, hard wired smoke alarms, energy efficient flourscent bulbs, low VOC content, great indoor air quality and low emission suite laminate flooring, Home buyers here at the pre-construction Etobicoke Waterscapes condos along the waterfront Toronto real estate market at Waterview community will also enjoy double glazed low emission insulated glass windows in addition to an addition bike parking location underground plus an automated recycling collection system to reduce waste.

The Waterfront Waterscapes Waterview Etobicoke Amenities and Waterscapes Club Features

The Monarch Group presents the waterfront Etobicoke Waterscapes condo high-rise tower residences now pre-selling luxury homes.If you are looking for a wide range of condominium amenities here at the pre-sale Etobicoke Waterscapes condos, please do not hesitate to contact a sales person to get a full list of the features built into this luxurious waterfront Toronto condo residence. The peace of mind amenities here at the presale Waterscapes Etobicoke condos for sale include a uniformed twenty four seven concierge/doorman in addition to a personal alarm system in every suite. The waterfront Toronto Waterscapes Etobicoke condo tower residences will also have underground parking that is secure in addition to card access through the elevator lobby, parking, main entrance and all exterior doors are monitored through an intrusion alarm system as well. The waterfront Waterview Etobicoke condos for sale at Waterscapes Toronto by the Monarch Group will also have security cameras throughout all common areas and an enterphone for visitors. There are secure visitor parking bays available as well as underground security system and a well lit, secured parking garage for residents. Inside the Waterscapes waterfront Etobicoke Toronto real estate development includes the Waterscapes Club that is a designer decorated special occasion party room or gathering space that comes complete with a catering kitchen, bar on the rooftop deck and an open terrace that has outstanding views of Lake Ontario and the Village Court with access to the Private Waterscapes Condos party Room patio and barbeque for residents. In addition, the waterfront Etobicoke Waterscapes Waterview condos will feature a pet-tie Wash that is an exclusive room for washing your pets after long muddy walks. The Waterscapes Club also features Shore Fitness that is a great state of the art fitness gym with all the latest technology in addition to the Ocean Lounge which is wear sports enthusiasts and billiards fan can congregate at any time. There is also a Marine room that is a conference/business room for you to conduct some work at home as well as the Silver Screen at the Etobicoke Waterscapes Club at the master planned Waterview community that includes a private screening room with surround sound. Lastly, Aqua at Etobicoke Waterscapes Condo Club is an indoor swimming pool and hot tub with separate change rooms with lockers and showers.

Other Waterscapes Building Features and Waterview Etobicoke Condo Interiors

The Waterscapes Club is one of many impressive community amenities at the pre-sale Etobicoke Waterview condos for sale.The striking waterfront Toronto Etobicoke condo development at the master planned Waterview community by the Monarch Group features an elliptical tower with a four storey podium that will have a great mix of residential, recreation and retail space. With magnificent views of Lake Ontario and the sunsets and sunrises around the area, residents and homebuyers here at the pre-construction Etobicoke Waterscapes waterfront condos at the master planned Waterview community will also enjoy a professionally designed entrance lobby with views as well. The corridors are interior designed and there is a full time concierge at the front desk in addition to a private landscaped interior courtyard for visitors and residents. The property management office for the pre-sale Etobicoke Waterscapes Waterview condominiums is on site and there is a massive water filtration system for the tower residences. There is a mail room and car wash bay and all Toronto homebuyers will have one storage locker per suite. Floor to ceiling expansive glass windows with panoramic views as well as six foot deep balconies as per plan provide expansive outdoor living spaces for homeowners at the new Waterscapes Etobicoke waterfront condos fro sale. There are three high-speed elevators that serve the tower and five around the podium area in addition to two designer interior decorated guest suites for over night visitors. There is also an eco friendly green roof over the podium open to residents in addition to lots of luxurious finishing. The Waterscapes condos represent the fifth and final phase of the much sought after Waterview Etobicoke master planned community now almost complete. Designer kitchens, spa inspired ensuites, large bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, outdoor living spaces and views are just some outstanding features at the last instalment at the Waterview Etobicoke Waterscapes waterfront condo development now selling by the Monarch Group.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The New Etobicoke Palais Condos at Port Royal Place are brought to the Toronto Real Estate Market by The Pemberton Group - Palais Etobicoke Residences

Etobicoke Palais at Port Royal Place Condominium High-Rise Residences for Sale

The preconstruction Etobicoke Palais Port Royal Place Condominiums are part of a master planned community by the Pemberton Group.A master planned Etobicoke condo community is now rising up and designed by The Pemberton Group, a leading Toronto real estate developer which combines both comfort and luxury with affordability. Centrally located in the heart of the Etobicoke Port Royal Place real estate development, the Palais Condos are luxury residences that range from five hundred and sixty to eight hundred and eighty square feet in size. Close to amenities and subway lines in addition to highways, the pre-construction Port Royal Place Etobicoke Palais condos for sale are now selling out and the final release of pre-sales suites is upon us. If you would like more information regarding this master planned Port Royal Place Etobicoke real estate community, please visit the condominium sales centre that is located at 9 Michael Power Place off Dundas Street West. The Discovery Centre of the new Palais at Port Royal Place condominiums is located between Kipling Ave and Islington Ave and they are open weekends from 12 noon to six at night in addition to Monday through Wednesday from noon to seven at night. The sales center for the Palais Etobicoke condos is closed on both Thursday and Friday. Please call 416.239.8200 or email for additional information about the remaining available suites here at the pre-construction Etobicoke Palais Condos at Port Royal Place in addition to updated floor plans and pricing availability. Providing luxury and comfort at an affordable price is now available, so visit the model suite that is fully furnished and gives you a sense of what can be your next Toronto home here in the heart of Etobicoke real estate market.

The Standard Features at the Port Royal Place Palais Etobicoke Luxury Condos for Sale

The pre-sale Palais Etobicoke real estate condo development in Port Royal Palace are now selling at pre-construction condominium pricing.Right now, the Pemberton Group real estate developers is offering stainless steel appliances as a standard finishing feature, so you can get those stunning new appliances added to your purchase at no additional costs (just contact a sales staff for details). The appliances that are standard in every suite at the new Etobicoke condos at Port Royal Palace Palais condominiums include stacked washer and dryer in a laundry condo closet in addition to a microwave, built in dishwasher, self cleaning range with a glass top and 18 cubic foot frost free fridge (all black or white, but now with the special incentive of stainless steel finish at no additional costs to pre-sale homebuyers). IN addition, the living areas of the Palais Etobicoke Condos for sale at Port Royal Palace Toronto real estate community includes capped ceiling outlet in dining room, pre-wiring for all technology, wood trim and doors in white latex, colonial wood baseboards, door frames and mirrored sliding closet doors. Other standard features at the pre-sale Etobicoke Palais luxury condos for sale include quality 40 ounce bedroom carpeting and media room flooring in addition to imported ceramic or porcelain tile in the foyer, laundry, storage. Laminate flooring in the living and dining rooms as well as hallways is also standard. All new Palais Etobicoke condos at Port Royal Palace will include air con and heating as well as outdoor living spaces as per plan. There are also sliding doors to balconies as per plan and vertical blinds too. Suite entry intrusion alarms and individual hydro meters are included in every suite. The quality kitchen features here at the Palais Condos at Port Royal Place Etobicoke real estate community will have ceramic tile backsplash, granite counter tops, custom designed cabinetry, individual lighting in kitchen and breakfast areas as well as a stainless steel double sink. The luxurious bathroom features at the Palais Etobicoke Condos at Port Royal Palace Toronto masterplanned community includes custom designed cabinets, ceramic tiling, white bathroom fixtures, undermount vanity sink, designer mirror, brass and chrome lever set, privacy locks, linen closet, vertical blinds, walk in showers and separate deep soaker tubs as per plan.

The Etobicoke Palais Condo Building Amenities Featured

The Pemberton Group's Palais Condos at Port Royal Place Etobicoke community provide 24 hour concierge services and great floor plans.The luxury Palais Etobicoke condominiums for sale will feature a large party room that is fuly equipped with a catering kitchen, separate bar and sitting area with fireplace. There is an indoor swimming pool that adds to the appeal of this condo community in addition to separate men’s and women’s change rooms. There is a full scale media room or theatre that is perfect for movies and big sports events in addition to a fully equipped fitness room with great equipment. There is a 24 hour concierge service here at the pre-construction Etobicoke Palais at Port Royal Place real estate development. There is also an accommodating lobby that is both inviting and bright. The new condo pricing at the luxury Etobicoke Palais at Port Royal Place development features the Artois floorplan at 560 sq ft one bedroom suite at $225,900 as well as the Brittany slightly larger at 580 sqft at $215,400. The Lorraine Palais Etobicoke condo floor plans is a one bed plus media room layout with 650 sq ft and is $238,400 and the Normandy floorplan is a two bedroom at 835 square feet and priced from just $267,900. Lastly but not least is the Corsica Etobicoke Palais condominium floor plan that is 880 sqf and is $290,400. This reflects March 2009 pricing and is subject to change after the 31st. Again, you can visit the Palais Etobicoke luxury condo sales centre and model suites (not on site) at 9 Michael Power Place in Toronto and they are open every day except for Friday and Thursday. Visit the Pemberton Group developers website for more information about the pre-sale Etobicoke Condos at the Palais at Port Royal Palace community today.

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Monday, March 16, 2009

Pre-Construction Downtown Etobicoke Evolution Condos Now Selling! Luxury and Affordable Etobicoke Evolution Condominiums at 5101 Dundas at Islington

Downtown Etobicoke Evolution Condos Now Selling!

Downtown Evolution Etobicoke real estate development now selling at affordable condo pricing.With suites ranging from the low $200,000s and with luxury interiors and city amenities provided by the pre-construction Etobicoke condominium residences are among the hottest new property in the Toronto area. Now selling pre-sale condos at Evolution Etobicoke real estate development, experience true urban downtown living in an established neighbourhood. An exterior façade of glass and brick form a striking balance of style and modernity at the luxury Evolution Etobicoke condos that centrally located with sweet amenities and super spacious floor plans. Just like it was taken directly from the downtown Toronto real estate district, the pre-sale Etobicoke Evolution condo residences is part of an advanced society with high-end shops, restaurants and the famous Islington Village and the Kingsway just steps away from these new homes. With GO transit, public routes and much more surrounding you at every point, the new Etobicoke Evolution condominiums are also close to Sherway Gardens, QEW and the 427 so that you can get in and around very quickly. Launching in 2009, now is the time to get pre-construction condo pricing at the new Evolution condos in Etobicoke property market. Spanning five decades or construction, Beaverbrook real estate developers is the master mind behind these new high-rise condo Etobicoke residences for sale, and they are definitely highly reputable and well established bringing some of the most spectacular condo developments to the Toronto area. With a hugely successful Grand Opening, you can not check out the model suite designed by Bryan Chartier and the presentation centre for the Etobicoke Evolution condos today that is located at 5101 Dundas Street W. You can call ahead at 416.747.9691 or email for more information or alternatively, you can also visit their marketing condo web site at today.

The New and Luxury Condo Building Amenities at Evolution

The pre-sales Etobicoke condos at Evolution Condominiums provide a state of the art fitness centre, clubhouse, entertainment room and catering kitchen.Today, it is not enough to live in a condo high-rise tower residence that doesn’t involve world class amenities and services. These are what savvy Etobicoke home buyers are looking for in a new home. At the pre-construction Etobicoke Evolution condos, you will find the best of all condo amenities at your footstep that includes a state of the art aerobics and fitness centre that will be great for your early morning or late night workouts. Or you can socialize and entertain at the multi-purpose entertainment party room with a catering kitchen. Host events or parties right at home here at the pre-sale Etobicoke Evolution condos throughout the year. Or you can enjoy the incredible open terrace at the pre-construction Evolution condominiums in the Etobicoke real estate market where you can sit outside, relax, entertain or enjoy the outdoors and views. With a cosmopolitan chic style, the Etobicoke condo high-rise residences feature some of the best services by an international concierge, much like a boutique five star resort hotel. In addition, the lobby and reception areas greet you and your family/friends into a high-rise condominium tower in Etobicoke real estate market that is truly unique and affordable. One of the best features and amenities of the evolution condos in Etobicoke is that it is in the heart of the city at Dundas and Islington. Here, you will be in Toronto’s West End neighbourhood with tonnes of public transportation routes nearby and lots of shopping, entertainment and dining options within walking distance. Evolution Etobicoke condos are here now, so act soon. The exterior façade and design of the new Etobicoke condos for sale at evolution is by Core Architects who have an amazing portfolio. The Islington Village Evolution condominiums for sale also have nine to twelve foot ceilings in addition to stuninng designer touches throughout. Most new Etobicoke for sale at Evolution Islington and Dundas will feature large outdoor balconies or terraces, intelligent and functional floor plans in addition to a space that will inspire you.

The Toronto West End New Etobicoke Condo Features

From nine to 12 foot ceilings and innovative suite features, the modern Etobicoke condos at Evolution are making waves in the Toronto real estate market.Why pay extra elsewhere when you can get everything you want here at the pre-construction evolution condos in Etobicoke, Ontario? With 9 to 12’ foot ceilings, parking and storage lockers included in addition to oversized outdoor living spaces, the presale Etobicoke condos for sale here at evolution condominiums are a step above the rest of the market. In addition, these new Etobicoke condominiums for sale will feature floor to ceiling windows and granite countertops, laminate flooring throughout and a sleek glass tower with wrap around balconies. Beautiful interiors are light filled with huge oversized windows as well as innovative suite features that include 12’ soaring ceilngs and concrete columns that make it urban chic and modern. The pre-construction Etobicoke Evolution condominium residences for sale will also have a high level of standard features that include spa inspired ensuite bathrooms, euro style kitchen cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, imported tile work and granite counter tops, much of which you would see in a high-end Toronto condo development. The building itself at evolution Etobicoke condos for sale will feature very wide hallways, large capacity elevators and courtyard/street entrances (from either side) for conveniences. There are also a few pre-sale condo upgrade packages available that include hardwood flooring and spectacular lighting options. Other interior finishes at the pre-construction Etobicoke condos for sale at the Evolution Toronto condominiums include laundry closets, kitchen islands and walk in closets in certain floor plans. One bedroom Etobicoke floor plans range from 595 to 825 sq ft while ones with dens (lots of them) range from 650 to 960 square feet). Two bedroom floorplans at the Etobicoke Evolution condos layouts range from 840 to 1095 while 2 bed plus den range from 1008 to 1575 square feet.

Welcome to Etobicoke Evolution Condominiums For Sale!

Thank you for becoming an exclusive member at evolution Etobicoke condominiums for sale. We're happy to announce that our Evolution Condos presentation centre is now OPEN! Please visit us and see all that evolved living has to offer. 5101 Dundas St. W., Etobicoke (Just east of Kipling) Or call us at 416 747 9691 to reserve a private appointment. The pre-construction Etobicoke Evolution Condo Suites start in the low $200,000's and include the following luxury features that include 9'-12' ceilings, laminate flooring throughout, floor to ceiling windows and granite countertops. Also available for most pre-sale Etobicoke condos for sale at the evolution condominiums near Toronto are oversized terraces and balconies in addition to parking and storage locker for every home buyer. Thank you once again for registering for this exciting new Etobicoke real estate development at the evolution condominiums fro sale. We will continue updating you on exciting news and upcoming events at the evolution Etobicoke condo residences. Sincerely, Evolution Condos

The Downtown Etobicoke Condos at Evolution Revolution Grand Opening Continues this Weekend!
Downtown cool comes to Etobicoke real estate market here at the new Evolution Condo residences for sale. Select pre-construction Etobicoke condominiums are still avialable with new designs, pricing, models and special homebuyer incentives. You've been waiting for your moment to get into the real estate market. And now that moment has arrived, with interest rates lower than ever before and select presale Etobicoke Evolution condos for sale still available. The 'evolution revolution' represents a true price breakthrough, bringing you more choice and more real estate than you'll find in any other new pre-sale Toronto condo for sale in the entire GTA. So call today to book your appointment to view the pre-sale Etobicoke condos for sale, and discover the suite that is the talk of the town. Right now you can see the brand new designs for spring and now starting from just the high $100's. Here are some of the highlights for the presale Evolution Etobicoke Condos for sale: great location in the heart of Islington Village, oversized terraces and balconies, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops with undermount sinks, laminate flooring throughout and nine foot ceilings as well. You can also follow the Islington Village Evolution Condos in Etobicoke online through their twitter feed or you can call 416.747.9691 anytime. The Evolution Condos in Islington Village brought to you by Beaverbrook developers and In2ition Realty.

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New Etobicoke Nautilus at Waterview High-Rise Condominiums for Sale by the Monarch Group - Luxury Waterfront Etobicoke Condos for Sale at the Nautilus

New Etobicoke Nautilus at Waterview High-Rise Condominiums for Sale

The pre-construction Etobicoke Nautilus Condos at Waterview Community are now selling at affordable pre-sale Toronto condo waterfront pricing.Brought to you my Monarch Taylor Morrison, the luxury Toronto condominiums for sale here at the Nautilus at Waterview Etobicoke real estate development is now launched. With pre-construction condo pricing starting from the high $100,000 range, these are affordable waterview residences in Etobicoke in a master planned Toronto condo high-rise development. According to their online marketing: Escape to the pre-construction Toronto Nautilus at Waterview condo high-rise tower residences and leave the world behind forever. Imagine if at the end of the day, you could slow your hectic city lifestyle to tranquil rhythm, like the ebbing and flowing of gently waves lapping at the shore of the masterplanned Etobicoke Waterview Monarch Group real estate development. From the pinnacle advantage point of the pre-construction Toronto condos for sale, revel in dreamy days and gentle nights where the waterfront becomes a shimmering extension of your living space. Bask in the sun filled heat of the day here at the pre-sale Etobicoke condominiums for sale here at the Toronto Nautilus at Waterview condo homes where the restorative powers of nature’s purest elements are an elixir for both your body and your soul. These are the Toronto Nautilus pre-sale condos at the Monarch Group Waterview community along the Etobicoke waterfront. For more information, the site address of the Nautilus Toronto condos is at 68 Marine Parard Drive in Etobicoke, ON. The office hours and Nautilus presentation centre is now open from 12 noon to 5pm over Saturday and Sunday as well as 12 to 6pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Call ahead to 416.495.3544 for more information about the Nautilus at Waterview Etobicoke condos for sale or you can visit the Monarch Group real estate developer web site at today.

The Kitchen and Bathroom Features of the Waterview Etobicoke Nautilus Condos – Luxury Waterview Condo Living

The waterfront Etobicoke Nautilus at Waterview preconstruction real estate development are well furnished and provide awesome condo amenities for residents.Here at the Nautilus high-rise condominiums, Etobicoke home buyers can find a wealth of luxury finishes and features in every home. The kitchens at the pre-construction Toronto Nautilus at Waterview Monarch Group real estate development will feature a unique, contemporary designed kitchen space that will allow for full depth fridges and upper cabinetry for extra storage. There are a couple of options to choose from when it comes to the finishing of the cabinetry as well where homebuyers can choose from a horizontal awning style patter or select from three colour palettes as well. The gourmet kitchens at the pre-sale Etobicoke Nautilus Condos at Waterview Toronto community will also feature granite counter tops with stainless steel over mounted sink in addition to a ceramic tiled back splash that is both modern and sophisticated. Other kitchen features here at the pre-construction Toronto Waterview Nautilus condominiums for sale include an appliance package with stainless steel finish. This package includes a fridge, dishwasher, microwave and oven/stove. When it comes to the bathrooms, the Nautilus at Waterview Etobicoke condos for sale will feature custom designed vanities with choice of three colours palettes and other things included as standard features include a three level shelving unit and decorative light fixture. In addition, the bathrooms at the Nautilus Toronto will have porcelain tiling or ceramic tiled flooring in addition to cultured marble counter tops with a contemporary wash basin and single lever faucet, all modern and very urban chic. The pre-construction Etobicoke Nautilus Condos by the Monarch Group in the master planned Waterview community of Toronto waterfront real estate will also feature a tub and shower – five foot soaker tub and separate shower with framed glass doors. Some floor plans have powder rooms and second bathrooms as well.

Other Suite Features at the Nautilus Toronto Condominium Residences

All Etobicoke home buyers will be pleased to know that the Waterview residences at the Nautilus will come with in suite laundry closets or full sized rooms with stacked washer and dryer (front loading and EnergyStar energy efficiency appliances). The interiors of the Nautilus at Waterview condominiums will have five inch baseboards with door casings as well as strip laminate flooring for interior bedrooms with opaque glass sliding panel doors or one choice of 40 oz broadloom. In the living areas such as the living and dining room, hallways, foyers and dens, the pre-construction Toronto Nautilus Etobicoke condos for sale will feature laminate flooring. There are also built in efficient organizers in all storage spaces in the master bedroom closets and all of the condominium ceiling heights should be approximately nine feet in all major rooms. The Monarch Group developers have also installed security alarms and solid core entry doors for all presale Etobicoke Nautilus Waterview condos. These are luxurious waterview condominiums that are truly unique to the new Etobicoke real estate market, so don’t miss out on the final phase release of urban homes for sale.

Urban Condo Amenities at Nautilus

This high-rise Etobicoke condo tower rises thirty seven stories into the city skyline, providing great views and panoramas in every direction. In addition there is a three storey glass podium that will feature retail, recreational facilities and residential suites. All units will have outdoor entertainment spaces and there will be expansive windows, over height ceilings and four high speed elevators. The pre-construction Nautilus Etobicoke condos will have two designer decorated guest suites for overnighters in addition to a car wash bay, holding area, mailroom, visitor parking, 24/7 concierge and remote controlled access to underground parking. Close by is the Stonegate Plaza shopping mall, Humber Bay Park, Waterfront Toronto trails, Humber Bay Library and The Assembly Hall.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The New iLoft at Mystic Pointe Etobicoke Condo Tower Residences by the Lake feature lakefront real estate condominiums for sale

The New iLoft at Mystic Pointe Etobicoke by the Lake

The Etobicoke iLoft Apartment Residences at Mystic Pointe by the Lake are new pre-construction Toronto condominiums for sale.‘Loft is in the air.’ Now selling the last of the pre-construction two storey lofts at iLoft Condo Apartments at Mystic Pointe in the Etobicoke real estate market. Feel the earth move as construction on this large master planned Etobicoke by the Lake iLoft high-rise condominium tower residences is underway! The success of the pre-sale iLoft Homes in South Etobicoke property market has been truly incredible! Smart home purchasers are taking advantage of this magnificent new pre-construction Etobicoke loft condominium at Mystic Pointe and saving thousand with the Camrost-Felcorp SMART START Program, only for new presale homebuyers at iLoft Etobicoke Lofts development, which offers great incentives for first time buyers here like no maintenance fees for an entire year, 5% deposit program, stainless steel appliance set inclusion as well as 40 year amortization for your mortgage (which no longer exists from new lending practises). All this plus fabulous amenities at the pre-construction Etobicoke iLoft loft apartment homes in an award winning community just 10 minutes from downtown Toronto. There is still a good selection of new 2 storey iLofts at Mystic Pointe in Etobicoke’s presale real estate market and also luxury Toronto single storey flats available. But hurry – they won’t last long! Occupancy for the new presale Toronto iLoft apartment homes at Mystic Pointe is slated for 2009 and right now the pre-construction pricing for iLoft lofts in Etobicoke start from just $279,900. Visit the iCentre and iLoft Model Suite today at 185 Legion Road North, 4th Floor Terrace in Etobicoke, Toronto. Access from the Queensway via Grand Avenue or Parklawn Ramp and it is open from Monday through Thursday from noon to seven and weekends from noon to 5pm. The Camrots-Felcorp iLoft pre-construction Etobicoke real estate loft apartment development has a marketing web site online at, so check it out today for more information. Or you can call the iCentre at Mystic Pointe for more info at 416.251.8888.

Last of the Lofts Savings Event This Saturday!

Life by the Lake is just awesome! The iLoft at Mystic Pointe Etobicoke by the Lake condos are introducing their FINAL RELEASE THIS WEEKEND starting Saturday, April 24th! It's here! And we're inviting you to be among the first to take advantage of this FINAL OPPORTUNITY to own an pre-sale Etobicoke iLOFT at Mystic Pointe real estate development by Camrost Felcorp developers. What's the BIG DEAL? Well, to start, you only need 5% down to purchase a brand new Etobicoke condo along the waterfront at the iLoft at Mystic Pointe award winning community and second of all, there are capped interest rates, so homebuyers have no worries about the latest rising mortgage rates. Some features and special incentives at the final release of iLoft Etobicoke condos at Mystic Pointe community are the seventeen foot ceiling heights PLUS a free storage locker and many ways to save instantly with cashback incentives. Homebuyers here at the new Etobicoke iLoft condos for sale can save up to $10,000 if they purchase a new iLoft at Mystic Pointe condo this weekend! Sound good? How about PRICELESS LAKE AND CITY VIEWS that you can enjoy when you MOVE IN THIS SUMMER 2010. THIS IS IT. Only 30 iLOFTS Etobicoke condos and lofts for sale remain. Two storey iLofts Etobicoke lofts and single storey Mystic Pointe flats. One plus den and two bedroom lofts from 745 to 1125 sq. ft. Priced from $329,900. First-time buyer? No problem. You can use your RSP's as a down payment. Ask our Etobicoke iLofts at Mystic Pointe Sales Representative how it works. SATURDAY APRIL 24 at 12 NOON - SAVE THE DATE! Before the Public. Before it’s too late. The iLoft at Mystic Pointe condo development and sales gallery is located at 185 Legion Rd. North, Etobicoke (Access off Parklawn Rd. Ramp). T: 416-251-8888

Welcome to iLoft Etobicoke Loft Condominiums for Sale

Located in South Etobicoke real estate community, the lakefront iLoft condo tower residences features two storey lofts and one storey Toronto urban flats at pre-sales pricing.The pre-construction iLoft condo apartments at Mystic Pointe in Etobicoke by the Lake will overlook the lake and Toronto city skyline, in the established community that is family and pedestrian friendly. The Etobicoke iLoft apartment building is well suited for your needs and aspirations as a homebuyer and home owner. Pre-Sale two storey lofts and one storey Toronto urban flats at the iLoft at Mystic Pointe will elevate your style and living standards to new heights. The pre-construction Toronto iLoft residences itself is the perfect blend of finishes – combining esthetics and function. A magnificent Etobicoke iLoft at Mystic Pointe lobby welcomes you to a new style of urban Toronto condo living. Ultra modern kitchens and stunning bathrooms complete a loft space that could only be described as spectacular. State of the Art Camrost Centre for the Recreational Arts will provide the ultimate venue for sports, health and entertaining needs just seconds away from your private iLoft Etobicoke condo loft residence. Camrost-Felcorp real estate Toronto developers continues to lead the way for urban living in Etobicoke with the addition of iLoft to the Mystic Pointe community. The iTeam, led by Camrost-Felcorp, includes Atkins Architects and Mike Niven Interior Design Inc. These three companies have individually developed many of North America’s most renowned buildings. Atkins Architects brings innovative approaches to architecture while MNID provides cutting edge design concepts for the Etobicoke by the Lake iLoft at Mystic Pointe Toronto real etate development.

The iLoft Camrost Sports & Entertainment Centre

The iLoft Etobicoke Camrost Sports & Entertainment Centre is one of the most impressive clubhouse community facilities ever built for a new condo development.Much like a community clubhouse on steroids, the Camrost Sports and Entertainment Centre at the iLoft Etobicoke condominium suites will provide residents the balance between necessity and spontaneity. It’s about a passion for something different. Your lifestyle is defined by recreation, rejuvenation and relaxation; fitness and health, and entertainment and celebration. At the iLoft at Mystic Pointe Etobicoke Camrost Sports & Entertainment Centre, your best life comes home. It’s where it all comes together and its right where you live, that’s the Camrost-Felcorp distinction. Here at the Mystic Pointe iLoft Etobicoke condo urban flats, residents can take advantage of the following offerings from the Camrost Sports and Entertainment Centre: shared entranceway with waterfall and reflecting pond, professionally landscaped gardens with courtyards and sundeck, bbq patio with 2 gas bbq’s, exercise lounge fitted with fitness equipment and juice bar as well as an aerobics and yoga studio. In addition, the Camrost Sports and Recreation Centre at the Mystic Pointe Etobicoke iLoft residences will feature an indoor whirlpool, outdoor swimming pool with whirlpool, two squash courts with viewing areas, his/hers change rooms, cedar saunas, party room, billiards room with poot table and theatre room with big screen projection system and DVD player. Also available to new pre-construction Etobicoke iLoft loft homes at Mystic Pointe’s Camrost Sports & Recreation Centre includes: library, spa studios and services, card room and a private dining room with preparation kitchen. All of the facilities here at the iLoft clubhouse in Toronto real estate market are designed to entice and engage, offering iLoft home owners and their Etobicoke guests an impressive array of options. So however you live, relax or entertain, you’ll find that the Camrost Sports & Recreation Centre exceeds all presale iLoft Toronto home owners’ expectations.

Mystic Pointe iLoft Features and Finishes

The Green Plan iLoft apartment features include: individually controlled heating and cooling systems, separately metered hydro and gas, energy efficient water fixtures in the shower, sinks and toilets, landscaped podium roofs, recycling friendly refuse disposal chute system, high performance double glazed thermal windows and sliding doors as well as automatic heating controls in common areas. The safety and security features at the new Etobicoke condos at the iLofts at Mystic Pointe in Toronto real estate market includes video cameras and 2 way communicator to concierge station, emergency response key chain pendants, computer controlled access system for all entry points, personally encoded suite alarm systems and 24 hour concierge. The impressive pre-construction Toronto condos at the new iLoft Etobicoke loft apartment introduce porcelain flooring, two piece white water closet, full height ceramic tile surround, separate shower stall, pressure balance valve, ceiling light, wall sconce light fixture, white vanity cabinetry, cultured marble countertops with integrated sinks, single lever faucets, vanity mirror, glass sliding door for upgraded bathroom option and privacy locks. The open concept kitchens at the pre-sale iLofts at Mystic Pointe Etobicoke loft real estate development features track lighting, vented stainless steel range hood, appliances, single lever faucet, oversized single stainless steel sink, iLoft custom designed stainless steel breakfast island and laminated plank or imported ceramic tile floors. Some of the preconstruction Etobicoke loft suite features at the iLoft apartments include wood veneered open riser stairs, sisal style broadloom on underlay in hallways, bedrooms, and closets, painted slab swing interior doors, mirrored entrance closet doors and interior in suite washer and dryer. Building features at the pre-construction iLoft Mystic Pointe condominium lofts in Etobicoke feature three high speed elevators, water filtration system, boardroom, business centre, two furnished guest suites, parking and entry phone system.

Register now to be first on the list for the new pre-construction Etobicoke California loft residences starting from just $233,900 with parking included! Last of the two storey new California Etobicoke loft residences are now being released. The best loft value in south Etobicoke. Final release of 2 storey lofts at iLoft in South Etobicoke’s exceptional Mystic Pointe community. These fabulous Etobicoke iLoft condominiums are available in single storey flats or 2 storey lofts and includes access to over 60,000 sq. ft. of indoor & outdoor amenities including: • Outdoor Pool • Indoor & Outdoor Whirlpools • Squash Courts • Aerobics & Yoga Studio • Large Screen Theatre • Sundeck with BBQ’s and more! Discover breathtaking lake and city views, unbeatable value and a hot location at the iLoft Etobicoke loft apartment homes for sale just 10 minutes to downtown! iLoft Etobicoke residences from $233,900 as well as iFlats from $279,900. The two storey iLofts at Mystic Pointe South Etobicoke real estate market features homes from $291,900. Prices also include parking! Register now at

Incredible savings at iLofts - This Saturday Only!
The Mystic Pointe iLofts Etobicoke By the Lake development - for priority members only. This offer is not available to the general public. Save up to $20,000 Off! + 1 year free maintenance fees during the most recent clearance sale at the Etobicoke iLofts at Mystic Pointe condominium homes that range from $263,055 (one bed plus den at 640 sq ft) all the way to only $382,755 (2 bed, 2 storey residence at 1010 sq ft). Buy an iLoft Etobicoke condo home this Saturday and receive a free iPhone and plan. The last of the iLofts at Mystic Pointe are now here. The Best Loft Value in South Etobicoke real estate market. Imagine, your brand new loft, with spectacular lake and city views and 60,000 sq ft of world class sports and entertainment facilities. Also, these pre-construction Etobicoke iLoft at Mystic Pointe real estate properties are walking distance to the waterfront, parks and close to public transportation, all for an affordable price. Love your life at iLoft that is now under construction. Receive a free gift just visiting the Mystic Pointe iLoft Presentation Centre this Saturday. Call to book an appointment or simply drop in. Call Wendy or Amy at 416.251.888.

iLoft at Mystic Pointe Open House - Model Suite and iCentre is Open This Weekend
iLofts at Mystic Pointe Etobicoke Condos fro sale by the Lake has just introduced a new suite layout - 1 Bedroom, corner unit with lake and city views, and oversized balcony! Other select suites are also available but they’re going fast! This is your opportunity to live in the popular Mystic Pointe Neighbourhood of Etobicoke real estate community, just 10 minutes from downtown Toronto. Your suite at iLoft Etobicoke at Mystic Pointe community includes free parking and access to over 60,000 sq. ft. of recreational amenities such as an outdoor pool, indoor and outdoor whirlpools, indoor squash courts, movie theatre, outdoor jogging track, cardio theatre, billiards room and so much more. Visit or call us this weekend, Wendy & Amy at 416.251.8888. The Mystic Pointe iLoft Etobicoke Suite of the Month (with only 13 available units) is i560. This is a one bedroom iLoft at Mystic Pointe Etobicoke condo for sale with 560 sq ft of indoor space and 90 sq ft of outdoor space for a total of 650 sqft of living space. Priced originally from $234,900, is it now starting from $209,900! The best in loft value in South Etobicoke real estate market is now being offered at the iLofts at Mystic Pointe with prices from the low $200,000. Construction on the Etobicoke iLofts at Mystic Pointe are well under way.

iLoft at Mystic Pointe Condo Suite Savings Continues - Visit the iCentre this weekend!
Open House Continues this Weekend at the Etobicoke iLoft Condo Residences at Mystic Pointe. If you weren’t able to join us last weekend, we invite you to stop by this Saturday and Sunday to tour the fully furnished, 2 storey iLoft Etobicoke condos for sale Model Suite designed by Mike Niven Interior Design. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of all that iLOFT at Mystic Pointe Etobicoke condos for sale has to offer. With pre-completion Etobicoke real estate condominium pricing starting at just $209,900 or $375 per square foot and construction well underway - imagine moving in to your brand new iFlat or 2 Storey iLoft at Mystic Pointe Etobicoke community as early as next summer! And with over 60,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor amenities to choose from, the toughest decision you’ll have to make is whether to lounge by the outdoor pool, get in a few games at the squash courts, work-out in state-of-the-art cardio theatre or watch your favourite movie in the big screen movie theatre here at the pre-construction Etobicoke iLofts Condos at Mystic Pointe! Visit today for best selection and pricing or call for more information!

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