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Rich Dad's Who Took My Money? by Robert Kiyosaki
For those who have not read Rich Dad’s “Who Took My Money?” by world renowned author Robert Kiyosaki, now is the time to pick it up and explain why you haven’t done anything about your personal finances lately. Who Took My Money by Robert Kiyosaki is one of the best selling Rich Dad’s financial self-help books ever.

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A quick overview
Do you want to get out of the rat race? If the answer is ‘yes’, what are you waiting for? If your answer is a solid ‘no’, may we ask why not? Either way, reading Rich Dad’s ‘Who Took My Money?’ a New York best seller written by Robert Kiyosaki will turn your view of investments and money inside out (for the better of course). With the writing assistance of Sharon Lechter, another excellent author by Robert Kiyosaki’s side, the Rich Dad Book Series has continued with a very informative book that shows why slow investors lose and fast money wins. Who Took My Money is not based solely on real estate investments and investing in property, but it simply improves your financial IQ and represents an excellent financial self-help book for anyone of any age. Highly recommended on the New York Times and other leading reviews, Rich Dad’s “Who Took My Money?” is the first step in gaining financial independence and improving your financial IQ so that you control all your finances and increase the chances that you will escape the “Rat Race” sooner than you have ever expected.

So why should you read “Who Took My Money?”
If you are someone who wants to take more control of your money as well as beat the average returns that an average investors makes, then the Rich Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki Who Took My Money? Is a great book for you to invest some time, learn and understand. Like most of Robert’s books, this is not suppose to give you the ‘ten steps’ to financial freedom and control nor does Who Took My Money tell you what to do. On the contrary, Robert Kiyosaki and all of the Rich Dad Book Series educates and guides you in understanding how to become an investor who can achieve higher returns (sometimes through real estate investing) using less money and time and with less risk as well. In many ways, Robert Kiyosaki wrote Who Took My Money as a follow-up to “Rich Dad Poor Dad” a New York best seller for many years as well as out of frustration on people asking Robert what to invest in with their money. He teaches regular investors how to control their own investments and make above average returns versus handing over your money to other people and expecting them to care about your life and investments. “Who Took My Money?” is also a perfect book to read to learn more about the differences between investing versus gambling your money away as well as real estate investing for cashflow versus capital gains. Who Took My Money teaches people of all ages the fundamentals in controlling your own life in general and more specifically in your financial arenas so that you and your family can enjoy a life of wealth and prosperity. Robert Kiyosaki teaches people how to get out of the “Rate Race” and have your money work for you and not the other way around. Regardless of whether you are a beginner in investing (in real estate) or a professional, “Who Took my Money?” is a Rich Dad Book Series educational guide to increasing the general public’s financial IQ and to make informed decisions that will ultimately help you become wealthier than you ever imagined, both in money terms as well as time.

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What does Rich Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki write about?
The first part of Who Took My Money? Is the author’s note and Introduction from Robert as well as Sharon Lechter. There, he speaks about how this book can transform your life and get you out of the Rat Race by learning more about cashflow forever (sometimes in real estate investing) versus capital gains (which is a one time hit, much like winning the lottery and expecting to win many more times in your life). In addition, Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad’s “Who Took My Money?” talks about investing versus gambling in addition to the different categories of investments that include: paper assets, real estate and businesses and how diversifying within a few asset classes is a much better way of diversifying your portfolio (with reduced risks) than investing in just one asset class as most financial advisors suggest. At the end of each chapter, Sharon Lechter summarizes the key notes that Robert Kiyosaki is trying to get across the to reader, which is very helpful in targeting action items that the reader can work on to increase their financial IQ. Again, Who took my money? Is a great guide on teaching how the rich get richer and the power of synergy through investing the right way. Too many people rely on financial planners for their long-term security. Now is the time to take care of your own finances and increase your financial IQ through this financial self-help book by one of the best seller authors of all time.

The Content is Invaluable
“Who Took My Money?” is divided into two main sections: What Should I Invest In? and Ask An Investor. The first part is very clever in terms of its presentation and content. Robert Kiyosaki writes about how different people view investing and investments in different ways and how not to fall into the trap of getting lazy and handing your money over to money gobblers who only look out for themselves. With re-iterations about the Cashflow Quadrant and assets versus liabilities, Robert’s key points is about being smart about your money and how the education system in school and college has done nothing to improve young people’s financial IQ and knowledge. Who Took My Money? First section also talks about the steps that most wealthy people and professional investors take which includes: earn/create, manage, leverage, protect and exit. So many times, people and investors forget one or more of these steps, and therefore, never make it out of the rat race. Rich Dad’s “Who Took My Money?” makes sure that the reader understands these critical steps and how they influence different types of people in different situations, making it possible for you to make the best informed decisions for your investments. The second part of this book by Kiyosaki and Lechter is Ask an Investor and it goes into the concept of power investing and investing using a winning attitude. “Who Took My Money?” is a great follow-up financial self-help book to “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and both books by Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Book Series will increase your wealth, time and financial IQ significantly. If you would like to escape the “Rat Race” today is the day that can happen. All you need to do is focus, read Who Took My Money by Rich Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter and take the necessary steps to control your finances and make the right financial decisions on all your investments.

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