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Real Estate Investing in Canada by Don Campbell
This is an excellent book for anyone wanting to get started in Canadian real estate investing and property investments in Canada. Don Campbell’s best seller, “Real Estate Investing in Canada” provides information on how to create wealth with the ACRE System.

Real Estate Investing in Canada (Hard Cover)
97 Tips for Canadian Real Estate Investors
Real Estate Investing for Dummies Series
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About Don Campbell, Canada’s real estate guru
Don Campbell is a very influential figure in the realm of real estate investing processes in the Canadian market and he is also the President of the Real Estate Investment Network (also known as REIN for short) that focuses on providing information and the tools necessary to build wealth through investment real estate properties in Canada. “Real Estate Investing in Canada” is one of his best selling books that was published only in 2005 and provides the most up-to-date information and guidelines for succeeding in taking control of your real estate properties and maximizing your wealth through properties. With tonnes of information in “Real Estate Investing in Canada” by Don Campbell, there are lots of worksheets, checklists, tips and useful information and resources that will get you on your way to get wealthy (not rich) through a long-term trusted and well executed plan for your investments. Included in the appendices of Don Campbell’s Real Estate Investing in Canada book includes the Canadian Real Estate Glossary (with definitions of the most used terms in the area of finances, property investing, mortgages, renting, and home ownership) in addition to checklists including his famous Property Gold Mine Score Card (to rate your real estate properties and to determine whether they are good or bad investments), the Due Diligence Checklist (to make sure you don’t skip any steps in determining the best Canadian real estate properties to invest in) as well as the Property Analyzer Form (that gives you a numbers breakdown of cashflow – both negative and positive to allow you to make informed property purchase decisions). Also, the last appendix in Don Campbell’s Real Estate Investing in Canada goes into Support Tools and Key contacts that you should know about. Also, the last chapter explains more about the Real Estate Investment Network of Canada (REIN) where Don Campbell is the President.

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(Soft Cover)
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The Book Real Estate Investing in Canada
… is a must-read if you live in this country and want to start investing in the best properties in the best locations and at the best price and short/long term futures. Don Campbell, the author of the “Real Estate Investing in Canada” book shows you, a starter or amateur in property investments, how to create wealth through the trusted and tested ACRE system (long for the Authentic Canadian Real Estate system – trademarked name). The foreword of Real Estate Investing in Canada is written by Les Hewitt, the co-author of the best selling book “The Power of Focus.” Don Campbell has a great reputation in the Canadian real estate investment group and has a solid vision on how to create financial success through investing in Canada properties. This book is not only intended for the beginners but it is also written for professional real estate investors in Canada who want to improve their wealth through using Don Campbell’s systems and creating more wealth through the ACRE system. The strategies and examples illustrated in “Real Estate Investing in Canada” by Don Campbell will not only show you a great way to become financially free through investments, but also they are particularly great because of their focus on the Canadian real estate market specifically. As Don mentions in the Introduction, this book explains a Canadian System for investing for Canadian Investors specifically, so that everything makes sense and can be followed easily throughout the book.

The First Part of the Book
The first part of Real Estate Investing in Canada by REIN’s president, Don Campbell, focuses the reader on setting up their dreams and vision for a future of prosperity. What is great about these initial steps (which are also the most important) is that it sets up your Real Estate Success Road Map, or basically your vision about what Canadian real estate can do for you (and this doesn’t mean in monetary terms either). What Don Campbell writes in the “Real Estate Investing in Canada” book is that investments in Canadian property only get you the money, but what do you want out of life? What Don Campbell calls your ‘Personal Belize’ is very important as it gives you an opportunity to write down all your dreams and goals in life and how real estate investing in Canada can eventually get you to that point of retiring early, owning recreational property in resorts, buying a penthouse suite or having a family, whatever your dreams will take you. “Real Estate Investing in Canada” focuses the reader on developing their Personal Belize prior to engaging in any steps in looking for property, and this is very important for any beginner or professional in this market. Next up, Don Campbell focuses the reader on how to determine what is real and what is not or What’s Behind the Curtain as he calls it. This will allow real estate investors to determine for themselves what is fact from assumption or hype. The twelve keys to determine if an area is a boom or bust is also the next chapter in Real Estate Investing in Canada. Here, Don Campbell then leaps into how to find the best properties in the best areas in the Canadian property market in addition to an explanation of the real estate cycle and the property goldmine score card.

The Second Part of Real Estate Investing in the Canadian Market
The second part of Don Campbell’s best selling book on Canadian property investments and the ACRE system include how an investor can successfully analyze each an every individual real estate property to determine whether or not it fits into your personal belize or your goals. In addition, Don Campbell’s “Real Estate Investing in Canada” also explains the steps that you need to take in order for your banker to say yes to everyone of your properties and getting the best financing you need to close on your properties. Another important goal of Don Campbell is the education component on your personal finances that include cashflow versus equity capital gains in Canadian real estate and how that may affect your corporate job and lead you into the world of successful investments in real estate full time. Lastly, Real Estate Investments in Canada will lead you through a personal action plan that you must take in order to follow the ACRE system and create wealth through investing in Canadian property. This financial self-help and real estate investment education guide goes into specific steps and checklists that you need to follow to build wealth through the ACRE system and is therefore different from the conceptual educational books by Robert Kiyosaki.

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