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Friday, August 21, 2009

Victoria Waterfront Homes for Sale at the New Aquattro Townhomes at Fisgard Beach - Luxury Victoria Real Estate Now Selling

The Victoria waterfront townhomes at Aquattro are now available at Fisgard Beach

The luxury Fisgard Beach Victoria waterfront townhomes at Aquattro in Victoria real estate market are now available for purchase and you have one of the first opportunities! If you’ve ever thought of living at the beach in Victoria real estate market and enjoying its fabulous year round weather, these new Victoria waterfront Aquattro townhomes at Fisgard Beach development will definitely interest you. Our front Aquattro Victoria townhomes for sale are now available for purchase. The release of our waterfront Victoria townhomes at Aquattro Fisgard Beach (called The Aquattro Ridge Townhomes) have been much anticipated and because you are considered a “Maverick Insider” we wanted you to be one of the first to know! If, after reading this letter, you feel that The Victoria Aquattro Ridge Townhomes for sale are for you, please call us immediately to register your interest. Magical views of the water and a setting unlike anything else in Victoria or on Vancouver Island are provided here at the presales Victoria waterfront homes for sale. The Aquattro Ridge Townhomes in Victoria real estate market are unique and unlike any other homes offered on Vancouver Island. To start with this is a collection of only 8 presales Ridge Aquattro homes that will feature unobstructed views of the Straight of Juan de Fuca, downtown Victoria and the Olympic Mountains… forever. They are nestled in a setting that could be right out of a national park picture. Your front yard at the new Ridge Townhomes at Aquattro Fisgard Beach development contains a 13 acre property that has been donated for a bird sanctuary. Selleck Creek, where the British fleet came for their water years ago, winds down one side of your yard while on the other is a 100 year old apple orchard, which is ideal for quiet reflection or stocking up on delicious apples. The Esquimalt Lagoon is just 200 yards away and it’s just a short stroll to the ocean and Fisgard Beach here at The Victoria Aquattro Ridge townhomes for sale.

Explore Fisgard Beach Victoria Waterfront – on your own or with your kids or grandkids

One of the nicest things about the presales Victoria Aquattro townhomes at Fisgard Beach is that there are so many things to explore and adventures to have. Certainly the Victoria real estate development site itself with its orchards, streams and pools is engaging on its own. But imagine the fun you’ll have on Fisgard Beach, in front of your new Fisgard Beach Aquattro Victoria waterfront home. No packing up and driving to the beach, its right there for you to enjoy. Watching the sunrise or sunsets. Collect shells, driftwood or the treasures that the ocean brings in. Or how about a picnic or a barbecue? If you want a change you can kayak or paddle in the Esquimalt Lagoon, go fishing or crabbing in the ocean or simply watch the teeming activity of the birds that never fail to entertain. Eagles diving for fish, herons standing on their long legs in the water and ducks, swans, gulls and geese that create a never ending play for you. The Victoria Aquattro waterfront homes for sale is definitely where you want to be if you want to be close to nature, the water and all sorts of outdoor recreational activities and pursuits. These new Ridge Aquattro townhomes are ideally situated along the Victoria waterfront, so that your views and access to Fisgard Beach will never be obstructed.

Run, walk or ride on the amazing trails that start right at your new Aquattro Victoria waterfront home

If you like to run, walk or bike, you’ll have an almost endless supply of wonderful routes to explore right around your new Fisgard Beach waterfront home. Through the magnificent trails and old growth forest of Royal Roads University, on Aquattro Victoria townhomes, around the Lagoon or how about a morning run on the beach to start your day? A brand new Victoria townhome real estate community on the water, near the beach with natural forests around it. It’s like being in a resort setting, but you’re only 3 minutes to the nearest city and only 25 minutes to downtown Victoria. It feels a little like being on holidays all the time, doesn’t it? Welcome to the most convenient and low maintenance presales Victoria real estate development at Aquattro at Fisgard Beach waterfront homes for sale. Shopping, restaurants, a bakery and services are all nearby the Victoria Aquattro development community as well. While the presales Victoria waterfront Aquattro homes at Fisgard Beach provides a magical setting in which to live, shopping, great restaurants, services, and coffee shops are all just a few minutes away in Colwood or Langford. Try Smoken Bones if you like barbecued ribs. Or for something quaint, try the My-Chosen Café in nearby Metchosin. It feels like you’ve gone back in time to the 1950’s and the food is absolutely fabulous. Colwood and Langford are growing fast and are just literally minutes away from the waterfront Victoria homes at Aquattro Fisgard Beach. With more and more interesting shopping, stores and restaurants to choose from. Just a short walk up the hill is the Royal Bay Bakery, sort of a local secret here along the waterfront Victoria real estate community. People don’t like to talk about them to “outsiders” because they want to keep them for themselves. Some who have moved away from the area even make a regular trek back coming from all over Vancouver Island (or further!). Can you imagine doing that for baked goods? Just try a bite of their apple pie and you’ll fully understand the obsession.

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