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Monday, December 14, 2009

Whistler Fractional Ownership Interests at BASEMENT BARGAIN PRICING here at Whistler Evolution iQ Quarter Ownership Resort Property

The Quarter Ownership Whistler Evoluion IQ Condos – Mountain Living in Creekside

The best of all worlds: Quarter Ownership in resort property which is also known as fractional ownership of Whistler real estate. Invented and pioneered first by Intrawest in Whistler, Evolution IQ condos follows a list of successful projects that have become the ‘way to invest, enjoy and buy real estate in Whistler.’ The one thousand square foot units at the Evolution Whistler condos for sale are spacious, well thought out and are now selling at the same price as the one bedrooms sold just last year. So do you think that is good value? In addition, you can have your dream home right in the heart of the reinvented Whistler Creekside property market where the Intrawest Quarter Ownership interest at Evolution IQ condos comes at a starting price of just one hundred and forty four thousand, nine hundred dollars. This makes total sense for people who don’t live in Whistler but still want to own recreational or resort property in this first class summer and winter resort community. The Whistler Evolution Intrawest Quarter Ownership Porgram provides fractional interests that are deeded real estate, meaning that you have total control over your property. This revolutationary process makes it possible for you to sell and market your suite on your own and at any time. Also, the Whistler Quarter Ownership Evolution condos features pet friendly fractional ownership suites, which means that you can bring your doggie or cats to the property. Located at 2063 Placid Road, the Presentation Centre is now open nine to five in Creekside. Comfort and quality are two synonyms here at the Whistler Creek Evolution Condos, where you will find the most modern finishes, large fireplaces, black granite counters and a ski-in ski-out location just at the foot of the Creekside Gondola. Add in a hot tub, pool, full time concierge and maintenance by Lodging Ovations, and you are set to experience a five star all seasons resort home for a fraction of the price. Affordability is the key to every fractional interest and here at the Evolution IQ Intrawest Quarter Ownership program, you can now purchase 3 months per year worth and deeded interest in one of the hottest resort markets hosting the Olympics in 2010.

Whistler Evolution IQ Fractional Ownership Now Selling at Bargain Pricing

Two bedrooms for the price of a one bedroom Whistler condo for sale is now available at Playground Evolution IQ condos! Two amazing mountains to explore and year round access to adventures and activites. YOU DO THE MATH! There is no better value then the Whistler Creekside Evolution condos that are offering the final few quarter ownership/ Whistler fractional ownership opportunities out there. With fully furnished two bedroom quarter ownership interests available at the Evolution IQ Whistler condos starting from just $144,900, these slopeside fractional ownership interests are designed to fit your lifestyle. Two bedroom homes are now selling for a limted time only. Intrawest is offering savings of over one hundred thousand dollars at the moment on select two bedroom Whistler quarter ownership interests at Evolution IQ. Now really is the time to own at Whistler. Explore the two famous peaks, the 2010 Olympic Village and enjoy endless activities year round. Your stylish, contemporary, ski-in/ski-out resort Whistler quarter ownership Evolution IQ condo home awaits. Call 877.771.6767 or visit for more information and to see the Show Suite today. According to Bob Styan, ‘Quarter ownership makes sense because for most people, it more accurately matches property ownership with usage and gives them the ability to own something that they might not normally buy.’

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The New 200 Revelstoke BC Resort Fractional Ownership Condos for Sale! One-Tenth Fractions for Recreational Property

200 Revelstoke Real Estate Development Now Approved!

The first of its kind in the Revelstoke resort community, the pre-construction BC resort property at 200 Revelstoke is a unique opportunity for vacation goers and investment enthusiasts to purchase prime recreational BC real estate at fractional costs. The 200 Revelstoke property development is the first fractional ownership offering in Revelstoke, BC which is located in the downtown center close to all the snow sports, urban conveniences and services you are looking for in an investment property. Not only that, but only ten lucky homeowners will be able to share in this 200 Revelstoke real estate community as the fractional ownership model works with 10 fractions only. The next best place to ski and snowboard, Revelstoke resort is a four season community for outdoor enthusiasts and the pre-sale 200 Revelstoke fractional ownership property is just three and a half miles away from the Revelstoke Mountain Resort that is now world renowned for its ambitious expansion plans. From restaurants to shopping and from summer and winter activities, the 200 Revelstoke fractional ownership property is situated very close to dowtnwon and this two bedroom and 2.5 bath condominium resort suite is one of the finest in the Revelstoke Mountain Resort area.

Fractional Ownership of Resort Property in British Columbia is Easier Then Ever

If you have contemplated on purchasing a resort fractional ownership property in BC, now is the time to invest your money into the Revelstoke Mountain Resort area at 200 Revelstoke condominiums. You can own one of the one tenth shares here at the BC resort fractional ownership 200 Revelstoke condo and with this priority rotation system, you will get at least two winter weeks and two summer weeks to enjoy at the Revelstoke Mountain Resort each year. In addition, a fifth week is chosen from the remaining weeks for that particular 200 Revelstoke condo fraction. You will enjoy a five star resort condo here at the Revelstoke Mountain Resort real estate community at a fraction of the price. In actual fact, you will be purchasing a one-tenth fraction (basically one tenth the total price) for five weeks a year of fun and excitement at the Revelstoke Mountain Resort. You can’t get any better than that and owning a BC resort condominium is definitely within reach through this fractional ownership model. The 200 Revelstoke condos can accommodate up to six people at a time and the annual home owner association fees are less then six thousand dollars per one tenth fraction. Unfortunatley pets are not allowed and smoking is also not allowed at the pre-construction 200 Revelstoke condominium resort premises. Remember that 200 Revelstoke is not a timeshare, it is a fractional ownership resort condominium in which you can list and sell at any time. You literally own one tenth of the property and land, allowing you to sell and retain full ownership over everything about the Revelstoke Mountain Resort property for sale.

The Amenities and Features of the Revelstoke Mountain Resort Condos at 200 Revelstoke

If you are wondering about what you are getting for this fractional ownership resort property at Revelstoke Mountain Resort in British Columbia, you can own a one-tenth fraction of a luxury recreational condo that features first class amenities and services in addition to spacious living that includes two bedroom and 2.5 bathroom suites. The presale BC resort 200 Revelstoke condominiums will also be one thousand seven hundred and thirty six square feet in size and will be professionally furnished in every room. There is also a two hundred and fifty square foot wine cellar and tasting room in addition to individual storage units for each fractional owner here at the 200 Revelstoke Mountain Resort condos for sale. Here are some of the special features here at the 200 Revelstoke pre-construction resort condos in BC that includes a pre arrival grocery, liquor and shopping service, concierge services, membership into the Revelstoke Aquatic Center and pool nearby in addition to the Trans Canada Fitness Center. Also, there is daily housekeeping, heritage designed building with arts and crafts detailing and covered parking with heated paving at the fractional ownership resort condos at 200 Revelstoke Mountain Resort. This recreational property will also feature as ecure storage room for your outdoor activity eequipment, walk in secure storage and wine cellar/tasting room in addition to a video intercom security system and wirless internet service throughout the premises. The pre-construction resort property at the 200 Revelstoke condos will also have flat screen TVs, hot water system, steam showers, spacious master bedrooms and seating area as well as custom dining table, and designer furniture and fixtures. Other things to mention about the pre-sale Revelstoke Mountain Resort fractional ownership condos is that there are great rooms with gas fireplaces, custom designed kitchen, rooftop decks, and breathtaking views from many rooms of the mountain peaks.

The developer for 200 Revelstoke is Second Crossing. For more information regarding this BC resort fractional ownership condo opportunity at the Revelstoke Mountain Resort, please visit for additional information and floorplans for these recreational condominiums for sale.

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